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Bhakta potana was released at 1944.In that film lord rama will appear 2,3 times.The audience were mesmorised for lord rama.Why because lord srirama looking very beutiful.That rama character played by Chadalawada Narayana rao.He entered cine field in 1940 by jeevana jyothi movie.Narayana rao was a good personolity with natural hair,good looking eyes,long nose and loughing lips.In that days nagaiah,c.s.r,g.v.rao,umamaheswara rao were main heros.Those were not having charming personolity.So all people were admired by narayana rao charming personolity.He was a natural actor.In his acting there is a ease.In his career he played as a hero,villion nad character roles.He was personally very soft ,smooth talking,self respected person.He was very well educated.N.T.R first film was Mana desam.In that picture hero was narayana rao.In that time after shooting N.T.R was gone to set with genaral dress like pancha and lalchi.Narayana rao saw that dress and suggested to n.t.r 'you having good personality and good voice,maintain the same dress .it is very natural.In our pictures natural dress,natural action were very important.telugu industy wants persons like you.

In final days he faced so many financial problems.What ever it may be Narayana rao was the first glomorous hero for telugu industry.

Date of Death:1984


1. Rahasyam (1967)
2. Veelunama (1965)
3. Ganga Gauri Samvadam (1958)
4. Menarikam (1954)
5. Manjari (1953)
6. Manavati (1952)
7. Aada Janma (1951)
8. Tirugubatu (1950)
9. Mana Desam (1949)
10. Jeevitham (1949) .... Murthi
11. Mugguru Maratilu (1946)
12. Swargaseema (1945)
13. Tahsildar (1944) .... Narasayya
14. Chenchulakshmi (1943) .... Vishnu
15. Devatha (1941) .... Sukumar
16. Jeevana Jyoti (1940)

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