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With sleevless jocket,big ear rings,big looking eyes,loughing lips,coffe cup in hands,plaited hair on shoulders lady calendar was hanging on the walls at 1938-40.That calendar out dated or teared ,but hanging on walls.That calendar lady was Kanchana mala.She was first glamorous heroin of telugu industry.That calendar figure was belongs to the sensational film Mala pilla.She was not a great actress,nor a singer,But she shined with her glamour.In the mala pilla picture the orthodox young Brahmin married the mala lady.Those days that was a daring step.But common people says in the society ‘cast what ever it may be that much glamour lady to be found every one will marry’

She was born in Tenali.She acted only in 11 films.In that 5 five films were block busters.In that period she agreed to act in Gemini,Bala nagamma.That was the first socio fantacy film.But that film was damaged the kanchana mala career,Why because that film was not released as per agreement she didn’t act other films.In these causes she hurted and get mad.So there ends her career.She acted only in 11 films ,but she was the dream girl for viewers at that time.


1. Narthanasala (1963) .... (guest role)
2. Chhoti Bahen (1959) (as Kanchanmala)
3. Love Marriage (1959) (as Kanchan Mala)
4. Sahara (1958) (as Kanchan Mala)
5. Zimbo (1958) (as Kanchanmala)
6. Bala Nagamma (1942) .... Balanagamma
7. Illalu (1940)
8. Mahiravana (1940)
9. Malli Pelli (1939) .... Lalitha
10. Vandemataram (1939) .... Janaki
11. Grihalakshmi (1938) .... Madhuri
12. Mala pilla (1938) .... Malapilla
13. Vipranarayana (1937) .... Devadevi
14. Veerabhimanyu (1936)
15. Srikrishna Thulabhaaram (1935)

Music Department:

1. Malli Pelli (1939) (playback singer)
2. Grihalakshmi (1938) (playback singer)
3. Malapilla (1938) (playback singer)

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Uma Maheswar Nakka said...

Dear sir

It is nice to have some details about her. I heard she became mentally imbalanced but only now I have come to now the reason. So sad. Teluthe reason unknown. Not only Telugu but the whole Indian cine field lost a great beautiful actress nd singer.
The article could have provoded mor about her performance and images from pictures.
I request you to expand the article more with more about her and her family if possible.
I also heard that she got shifted to Kakinada, East Godavari district in Andhraprades. But I am not sure.

Uma Maheswar Nakka

funny said...

i m really thankful 2 u sir..i am from tenali..i came 2 know that the name "andhra paris" to tenali came after the great actress. but i dont know these details ...

Munnu Ravi said...

whatever u posted is an informative piece...but i request u to improve your English, so that it becomes easy for us to understand what you exactly want to say...

Anonymous said...

Hi Uma maheswara rao garu

she is not moved or shifted to Kakinada. she died in chennai, and cremated also there. her descents are in still chennai. they forgot about reel life and leading good real life. They often come to tenali to look after their properties.

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