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J. Jayalalithaa (Jayalalithaa Jayaram),(born February 24, 1948, [Mother Tongue - Tamil] , Mysore) is a former Chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. She is present general secretary of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, a regional party in the state and the Leader of the Opposition of the Government of Tamil Nadu. She was voted out of power in the May 2006 elections. She is also the current Leader of the Opposition in the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly.she is popularly called Amma (mother) and Puratchi Thalaivi (Revolutionary Leader) by her followers.

She was born in Mysore to actress Sandhya as Komalavalli. Prior to her venture into politics, she had a successful career in the Tamil film industry as an actress. Chinnada Gombe, her first film (in Kannada) was a major hit. Her first Telugu film Manushulu Mamathalu made her a superstar. In 1972, she was honoured by the Tamil Nadu government with the award Kalaimamani.


In 1981, she joined the AIADMK and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1984, marking her entry into the Parliament of India. Her association with politics grew from her relationship with M. G. Ramachandran (popularly known as M.G.R), movie star and then Chief Minister. On M.G R's death, she was alienated by a faction of the party who chose to support M.G R's wife Janaki Ramachandran. Drawing on her massive popularity and her image as the "wronged woman", in 1989, she won the elections to the Tamil Nadu legislative assembly—incidentally, she became the first woman to be elected Leader of the Opposition. She accused that the then ruling party, the DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam - Dravidian People's Party), who allegedly tried to assault her in the assembly, and there, she reportedly took an oath to enter the assembly house only as chief minister.In 1991, following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, just days before the elections, her alliance with Indian National Congress paid off as a sympathy wave propelled the coalition to a massive victory. She was re-elected to the legislative assembly and became the first elected woman chief minister of Tamil Nadu (Janaki Ramachandran technically became the first woman chief minister following her husband's death, but she was unelected and presided over a transitional 'caretaker' government) serving the full tenure (June 24, 1991 - May 12, 1996). However, due to an anti-incumbency wave, and several allegations of corruption and malfeasance against her and her ministers, she lost power to the DMK in 1996, in a landslide defeat. All the ministers in her erstwhile cabinet, including her, were defeated in the elections and six of them even lost their deposits, indicating that they did not even secure the minimum number of votes expected of them. She returned to power with a huge majority in the 2001 elections, having mustered a bigger coalition and defying many pre-poll predictions. In the last assembly elections held in 2006, her party had to relinquish power to the DMK government.

During the years out of power, she had to face a number of criminal lawsuits related to her first term rule, mostly dealing with embezzlement and monetary fraud. In 2001, a specially designated court convicted her of criminal breach of trust and of illegally acquiring governmental property belonging to TANSI, a state-run agency, and sentenced her to five years' imprisonment. She appealed against the sentence to the Supreme Court of India. While the appeal was under judicial consideration, the conviction disqualified her from contesting the 2001 elections. However, having led her party to victory, she controversially became the Chief Minister as a non-elected member of the assembly.On September 21, 2001, a five-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court of India ruled that "a person who is convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to imprisonment for a period of not less than two years cannot be appointed the Chief Minister of a State under Article 164 (1) read with (4) and cannot continue to function as such". Thereby, the bench decided that "in the appointment of Ms. Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister there has been a clear infringement of a Constitutional provision and that a writ of quo warranto must issue".In effect, her appointment as Chief Minister was declared null and invalid. Therefore, technically, she was not the Chief Minister in the period between May 14, 2001 and September 21, 2001. O. Panneerselvam, a minister, was subsequently installed as the Chief Minister. However, his government was widely believed to have been puppeted and micro-managed by Jayalalithaa. In 2003, the Supreme Court acquitted her in the specific case, for lack of conclusive evidence to convict her. This cleared the way for her to contest a mid-term poll to the Andipatti constituency, after the elected representative for the seat, gave up his membership. Winning the election by a handsome margin, Jayalalithaa took over the Chief Ministership again. She is still a party to a few criminal litigations from her first term rule in the courts in the neighbouring Karnataka state.

After the 2006 assembly elections, O. Panneerselvam was elected the AIADMK legislature party leader and hence the Leader of the Opposition in the assembly, after she decided not to attend the assembly except if "absolutely necessary". However she, by virtue of her strong control over her party, was considered to be the de-facto leader of the opposition in the state. Later that month when all the attending AIADMK MLAs were suspended, she started attending the assembly. She was elected the legislature party leader and now leads the opposition in the assembly.


In the era of coalition politics, she wielded powerful influence both at the national and the regional level. Over the years, her party has been a part of both the ruling and opposition alliances at various points in time. She was instrumental in toppling the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government in 1999, though it seemed to backfire on her as she lost the following Parliamentary elections. Her political fortunes took a downswing in the 2004 elections where her party, having lost all the seats it contested, was virtually wiped out in elections to the Union Parliament, and considerably diminished her influence over national politics.

* Many people and the media feel that Jayalalitha believes in numerology and astrology; they point to her name change from "Jayalalitha" to "Jayalalithaa" as being directly borne out of such a belief. Press reports too have mentioned her faith in astrology and numerology, stating that she consults astrologers before taking important political decisions.


1. Nayakudu Vinayakudu (1980)
2. Devudu Chesina Manushulu (1973)
3. Akka Thamudu (1972)
4. Bharya Biddalu (1971)
5. Shri Krishna Satya (1971)
6. Alibaba 40 Dongalu (1970)
7. Engal Thangam (1970) .... Kala
8. Shri Krishna Vijayam (1970)
9. Adrushtavanthalu (1969)
10. Aadarsa Kutumbam (1969)
11. Mattukkara Velan (1969) .... Velan's Lover
12. Brahmachari (1968/II)
13. Kanavan (1968) .... Rani
14. Pudhiya Bhoomi (1968) .... Kannamma
15. Chikkadu Dorakadu (1967) .... Rani
16. Goodachari 116 (1967)
17. Kandan Karunai (1967) .... Muruga's Consort
18. Thaikku Thalaimagan (1967) .... Malathi
19. Kumari Penn (1966) .... Shyamala
20. Major Chandrakant (1966) .... Vimala
21. Navarathri (1966)
22. Ayirathil Oruvan (1965) .... Poonkodi
23. Manashulu Mamatalu (1965)
24. Epistle (1961)


1. Neenga Nalla Erukkanu (1992) .... Herself

Awards and degrees

In 1991, the University of Madras honoured her by conferring the degree of Doctor of Literature. In 1992, the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University conferred the degree of Doctor of Science on her. In 1993, the Madurai Kamaraj University conferred the degree of Doctor of Letters on her. In 2003, the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University conferred the degree of Doctor of Science on her and the Bharathidasan University conferred the degree of Doctor of Letters on her.

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Anonymous said...

Jayalalitha's mother the beautiful Sandhya was a palace mistress for Maharaja and the courtiers in Mysore. At leat she had some class. Jayalalitha was the chief prostitute for MGR and for many others.

lawyerjourno.com said...

ya,you wrote rightly. she was in fact a keep for MGR who took last breath in her arms!! a whole 40 year old chap exploited a young girl of twenty something!! it happens only in India!!

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Jayalalitha's father was not Jayaraman but the late Maharaja of Mysore Jayachamaraja wodeyar. Her facial similarity to the and the size of her humongous elephant body are added evidence to this fact. Her own "brother" Sandhya and Jayaraman's son has asserted in court that Jayalalitha's father is not Jayaraman.
She is just the dauther of a palace mistress Sandya and the Mysore Maharaja.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell are you lot condeming jayalalitha!She was the most perfect match for mgr they were a pair made in heaven!and i love all their movies,it was perfect seeing them act together.So what if they have a age difference,who cares!stop your here say about jaya!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about MGR having her as a prostitute. After all she had many before and after. In fact you can join them if you find this fatty attractive. Who cares! But how many lives and careers this cheap whore destroyed and the money looted from people??

Anonymous said...

Whether Jayalalitha was a mistress of MGR or not is her and his problem! Who cares!! MGR was one of the many lovers she had. But what about public money looted by her as chief minister of Tamil Nadu??? The people of Tamil Nadu must be really dumb to make an immoral person as her as CM.

Anonymous said...

It is an eternal shame on the people of Tamil Nadu they vote into public office a corrupt person like Jayalalitha and lionize her as a godess!! What happened the old tamil intellectuals of the bygone days???

Anonymous said...

you certainly will not find Nobel Laureates like Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujam, C. Rajagoplachari, Rt.Hon. Srinivasa Shastry.....in to-days Tamil Nadu. They have all migrated to the West. No place for Brahmins in Tamil Nadu.

Anonymous said...

Guys, if you know the truth speak. Do not just gossip. The truth is that Jayalalitha is the daughter of MGR, which none knows in the world. Not even her.

Anonymous said...

dai ungaluku enada thaguthi iruku amma va pathi pesa pundaigala

Anonymous said...

If I had the choice between marrying Jayalalitha or her mother Sandhya, I would marry without any hesitation Sandhya. She was very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

There is no point in discussing about an actor/actress. it is merely a waste of time. because film world itself is corrupt world. you cannot expect morality from actresses. The field itself is like that only.

Anonymous said...

nadippu thuraiyil irukkindra enda oru nadiganum, nadigaiyum ozhukkathudan irukka vaaippe illai. yenendraal anda thurai appadi. nadippadarku chance vendum endraal mudalil avaladu karpai pari kodukka vendum. Sambalam adikam vendum endraal periya periya
aatkaludan padukkai pahirndhukolla vendum. Inda maadiri vaazhkai
vaazhgindra enda oru nadigaiyum naattai aalgindra thaguthiai izhandu
vidugindraal. Idu dhaan UNMAI.

Anonymous said...

Lol, but u know..how?

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