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Devadas Kanakala was the senior most acting guru in AP. He started acting institute long back for which his wife Lakshmi has been the Principal.

The family glowed really well with big earnings till 80s and early 90s but from then onwards it became difficult for them to cope with the costs and maintenance standards. The earnings also turned limited. Rajiv Kanakala was also struggling those days without proper roles. He acted in many TV serials but they hardly brought money. Rajiv got married to Suma and that became a little boost for their family as her earnings were bit better.

Ever since the media channels mushroomed in big way, Suma turned very busy and she tuned herself with the pace and earning big. Rajiv Kanakala also got some break and now his call sheets are considerably expensive. Above all, Devadasu Kanakala was given the position of Director for an autonomous acting school with a payment of Rs 75,000 per month. He is also given a Car and accommodation. His past glory started again, say many. Good going Kanakala!


1. Okka Magadu (2008)
2. Mee Aayana Jagratha (2000)
3. Chettu Kinda Pleader (1989)
4. Siri Siri Muvva (1978)
5. Mangalyaniki Maromudi (1976)
6. O Seeta Katha (1974)

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Anonymous said...

hi... can any one share address information of Devdas kanakala film institute??

Anonymous said...

Visit the website of Film and TV Institute of AP for all the information you need on the film institute.

Anonymous said...

Actually where is the Devdas kanakala film institue and what about the fee details.

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