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Vedam (2010) Movie Review

Movie : Vedam
Rating : 4/5 (For all those who judge movies by rating)
Director : Krissh Jagarlamudi
Producers : Shobu Yarlagadda and Devineni Prasad

Key Actors:

Allu Arjun as Cable Raju
Manchu Manoj as Vivek Chakravarthy
Anushka as Saroja
Manoj Bajpai as Raheemuddin Qureshi
Nagayya as Ramulu


I watched the movie in Casino theatre in Chennai. As Chennaites know that more than half of the tickets at Casino are sold in black, so I bought the 50 rs ticket for 150 and went to the 3 30 show.

Na Na Na ... I wont be letting out the story. Unfortunately there are some well known website who dare to write what they think are letting out everything. After watching movie they should transform.

Movie started. Vedam Title... with a little background.. then the introduction of characters without background music... absolutely fantastic. Really, Keeravani did an amazing job in giving music and background score to the movie and its placement.

As the movie has 5 main characters, screenplay plays a key role. Slightest mistake can bore audience. Krissh was fantastic in his perfection in screenplay. The way he portrayed every character in the first half leaves a big impression that and we will be in a trance that these guys are like this, this is their character. And as the intermission reaches the pace of the movie increases and leaves you guessing what happens next.

The soul of the movie is its second half. Every character transforms by the end of the movie. And each character has its own situations and the way the situations get connected are shown intelligently. The dialogues were excellent.

Manoj reaches realization first of all and the episode was shown brilliantly. Manoj did a good job being looked as a rock star and Lekha Washington is sexy but did not have much to perform. For Manoj Bajpai it was a cake walk. Ramulu played by Nagayya leaves a strong impression with his subtle expression and natural dialogue delivery and body language. Of course Anushka did well.

The one who steals the show is not Allu Arjun ...its Cable Raju. As Gaali Seenu in Gamyam, this character has so many shades. Deeksha seth who played against Allu looked cool and did not have much to do. The scene where Cable Raju's character transforms is the most touching scene in the movie. And the scene received the most intense claps in the theatre.

No character has been wasted in the movie. You have Sathyam Rajesh as Allu's friend, Ravi Prakash as Cop, Saranya, Siya as wife of Manoj Bajpai, the hijra character beside Anushka, Raghu Babu as Dappu Sudhani, Posani Krishna Murali as a cop, Brahmanandam in a small role and the guy who played the role Patel. Every character has some kind of impact on the movie.

I did not hear so many claps in theatre for a movie in recent times. There are so many things Krissh showed in this movie. I think after watching the movie theatre, wait for the DVD and watch it twice or thrice. I did the same for Gamyam and everytime I watch Gamyam I find a new point and likes the movie even more. So this is a movie which you can watch as many times as you want since its not a movie about screenplay or terrorism, its a movie about human beings and their transformation.

After Gamyam I was thinking very high of Krissh and at the same time I thought I should not come to a conclusion so fast with just one movie so I waited. After watching Vedam, I can definitely say Telugu industry got a FILM MAKER after Ram Gopal Varma and Krishna Vamsi. And my 150 rs for ticket was worth enough.

P.S: I have been criticizing our telugu websites from so many days and they again showed the same attitude today. When they watch good movies they dont know what to do and dont know how it performs at box office, so they just give 3/5 and ends with statements like movie is good , have to wait how it performs at box office. Please all you website owners who say that they dare to write should actually do that thing instead of giving such low ratings to movies like Gamyam, Prasthanam, Banam and now Vedam.

And for all those who are looking for Spoilers, here is one....

" Perugu Vada lo Perugu untundhi ...kani... Pulihora lo Puli undadhu kadha.... Nalugu peekithe nenu Nalugu Cheptanu.... " Allu's Dialogue to Krissh. So watch Krissh closely on screen.

If I wrote more than this I will belong to the league of our GOPPA Telugu movie websites. So if you want to know about the movie. Stop reading reviews before going to movie, Watch the movie first and then read the review it contemplates what you think.

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Unknown said...

hi dude
vedam is a quite dif movie
i watched it on d first day
i would rate it as one of d best movie i hav ever seen
well if given d chance to rate i would give it 5 out of 5

my1stblog said...

Good review dude....the way u slammed other web reviews is commandable

Anonymous said...

I havent watched the movie yet.... but the way you have given the review is commendable.

Anonymous said...

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Sunil said...

I havent watched the movie yet....?
but the way you have given the review is quite impressive

Srihari Kanchi said...

Vedantham entho undi antaru...andulo konthaina manam nerchukundam....mana ee VEDHAM tho..

haresh said...

different muvi wit gud screenplay n correct selection of cast.... evry one did well. finally the outcome of muvi is AWESOME....

ghouse said...

nice review buddy.

Anonymous said...

the class-A movie mass can't understand it so it was hit in a class centers only

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