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B. Saroja Devi is an Indian actress. She is one of the most popular actress in the South Indian cinema. She was awarded the Padma Bhushan award and she has won many awards for different languages. She worked and equally popular in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies.

She made her film debut in Honappa Bhagavathar's Mahakavi Kalidasa (1955). Her first Telugu film was K. Kameshwara's Panduranga Mahatyam opposite N T Ramarao. The Tamil movie Nadodi Mannan opposite M. G. Ramachandran made her very popular.


Saroja Devi was born to the affectionate Bhairappa, Rudramma couple. Bhairappa worked in the police department. Saroja Devi was for the first time spotted by Hunnappa Bhagavathar while she was singing at a function at the age of 13. Initially, she refused to act when offered by him to act in movies. She forayed into the films with the Kannada film ‘Mahaakavi Kaalidas’ in 1955-56, which won the National Award. Saroja Devi was married to Sri Harsha, an engineer by profession on March 1, 1967.

Saroja B. Devi was Chairperson of the Karnataka Film Development Corporation. She was also the chairperson of Kanteerava Studios, Bangalore

Saroja Devi organized many donation camps in the name of her late husband Sri Harsha, daughter Bhuvaneshwari and her mother. Charitable Trusts, rehabilitation centers and health programmes organized by her stand evidence to her immense concern towards the society.NewsArchives

She acted in more than 170 films, her kannada film "Kittuurani Chennama" won the national award and it was great change for her film career,even today also the people talk about her acting in that film.

Saroja B. Devi was Chairperson of the Karnataka Film Development Corporation. She was also the chairperson of Kanteerava Studios, Bangalore.


* Padma Sri award in 1969
* Abhinandana -Kanchana Maala’ award in 1980
* Karnataka Government’s Rajyothsav award in 1989
* Padma Bhushan in 1992
* Filmfare award for All-round Achievement
* Tamilnadu Government’s MGR award
* Cinema Express award in 1997
* NTR award in 2001
* Dinakaran award for All-round Achievement in 2003
Partial filmography

Sarojadevi acted nearly 180 films in four languages(Kannada, Tamil,Telugu,Hindi) Her most films were super hit and make new records in south cinema.

* 1955 Mahahavikalidasa (kannada)( first film)
* 1957 Chintamani (Kannada)
* 1958 Bhookailas, Naadodi mannan (Tamil), Schoolmaster(kannada)
* 1959 Kalyana parisu (Tamil), Paigham (Hindi)
* 1961 Opera House (Hindi)
* 1962 Kittuurani Chennama (kannada)
* 1963 Sri Krishnarjuna Yudham (telugu)
* 1964 Puthiyaparavai (Tamil),Devathai(Tamil),padakotti (Tamil),Panakarakudumpam (Tamil)
* 1966 Anbevaa (Tamil),Nadodi (Tamil)
* 1968 Panama Pasama (Tamil),Enthamby (Tamil),
* 1969 Kulavelakku (Tamil)
* 1970 Lakashmi sarasvathy (kannada)
* 1972 Pandanti Kapuram (Telugu),Haridarshan (Hindi),Sakthileelai (Tamil)
* 1977 Babruvahana (Kannada)
* 1978 Bagyavantharu (kannada)
* 1988 Ladies hostel (kannada)

Some memorable films

* Babruvahana
* Kittuurani Chennama
* Bhajyavantharu
* Mallamana Pavad
* Pagapirevenai* kalyanaparisu
* Palum Pazhamum
* Aadiperukku
* Sri Krishnarjuna Yuddham
* Seetharama Kalyanam
* Amara Silpi Jakkana
* Intiki Deepam Illale
* Pelli Kanuka
* Sakunthala
* Iruvar Ullam
* Thamareinenjam
* Bhagya Chakram
* Uma Chandi Gauri Sankarula
* Kulavilakku
* Katha Sangama

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