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Prasthanam (2010) Review by Early Tollywood

After Leader I did not write any review, because I should be wasting my time commenting on such movies which dont even deserve it, thats why I post such reviews by copy pasting the reviews by other sites. The movie which moved me to write the review now is Prasthanam.

Prasthanam!! wow good name !!

Who is the director dude? Deva Katta (The guy who directed Vennela) Oh...!! (not so satisfied)

Casting.. Sarwanand and Sai Kumar (Good selection dude... after Samanyudu I was very confident with Sai Kumar's performance ..he just steals the screen from other actors and Sarwanand he has some good sense of selection of movies it seems...)

Human emotions as main thing with Vijayawada Politics as backdrop. Nice!! seems interesting... Lets see how is it gonna be.

One of the finest movies made in Telugu in recent times. It can be one among the good movies in this decade. What a performance by Sai Kumar. The movie is based on the fact that human journey is a mix of good and bad deeds. And in the movie you can see the journeys of different people due to the situations they face.

Firstly director should be given the whole credit for writing such a complex story. No doubt this movie is a good one. So I dont want to write all crap for which other sites are there. I would like to mention about the characters and their treatment by the director.

Loki by Sai Kumar is the most complex character in the movie. It travels so much distance that either you may be in a situation where you feel great about the character or feel disgusted. The slight confusion in his mind and his transformation from a good politician to a bad one due to the situations is absolutely fine.

Mitra by Sarwanand is a character who resembles a child who believes his father blindly. When he knows the truth he cannot digest the fact and the way he expresses that he lives in an illusion is awesome.

Chinna's character is also a very good character which is full of jealousy and betrayal.

The journey is mainly based on these three characters and what are the situations created between Mitra and Chinna. Chinna feels jealous of Mitra and his character's Prasthanam starts with a bad deed of killing Basha's (Loki's right hand) daughter and continues to do the same bad deeds to cover up the old ones. So his character mainly travels with a negative shade and ends without a regret.

The climax of the movie can be the heart for the movie which clearly depicts that Mitra is like Light and Loki is like Darkness. When there is light , darkness cannot prevail. And the might of darkness should be appreciated. Darkness cannot be caused on its own , its only due to the situations. And the way Loki's character ends is the best solution to mitra's question to him (nee patra cheragakunda ee natakanni nuvve muginchu nanna...). The war between the light and darkness is PRASTHANAM.

And regarding technical things, camera work plays a major role and Shyam Dutt garu elevated the movie to another level. And Deva Katta should not be hesitated in the future to remove the useless scenes in the movie (mainly the heroine part and some songs in the movie really decreases the tempo of the movie). Since camera work elevates the movie to a different level , eventhough music is little inferior you wont be noticing it. And as a viewer I can comment on only these things and I think every technician should have played a great role in shaping up the movie.

Finally I would like to thank Deva Katta for such a great movie. And I hope he does not get struck and I hope he will try some new genre of films.

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