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PowerStar Pawan Kalyan Profile

Name: Pawan Kalyan
Birth Name: Kalyan Konidela
Title: Power Star
Profession: Actor, Writer, Stunt master, Director, Producer, Playback singer, Screenplay writer, Choreographer
Date of Birth: 2 September 1971
Birth Place: Mogultur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Height: 5' 11"
Nationality: Indian
Mother Tongue: Telugu
: Hindu

Father – Konidela Venkata Rao
Mother – Anjana Devi
Elder brothers – Chiranjeevi (Telugu Actor), Nagendra Babu (actor & producer)
Sisters -Vijaya Durga, Madhavi
Brother-in law - Allu Aravind
Nephews – Ram Charan Teja
Son-in-law - Allu Arjun
Nieces - Srija, Sushmita
Sisters-in law -Surekha, Padmaja
Spouse – Nandini (Divorced) , Renu Desai
Son – Akira Nandan

Film Actor: Akkada Ammayi - Ikkada Abbayi
Writer: Johny (2003) (screenplay) (story)
Stunts: Khushi (2001) (stunts)
Director: Johnny (2003)
Choreography: Gudumba Shankar
Martial Art: Well versed in Akido martial art
Director: Akira Kurosawa
Food: Vegetarian
Hobbies: Reading books and planting saplings
Music: Carnatic
Rose to fame: Toli Prema
Admires: A.M. Rathnam, P.C. Sreeram.
Remuneration: 12 crores (rumored in 2010)

Plot No.5,Road No.9,
Jubilee Hills,

Address changed (wait for the new address)
Quote: It's a criminal waste to idle away your life. If you aren't sleeping you must keep yourself engaged doing something constructive. That is good also for people around you because you radiate positive vibes

Konidela Kalyan Babu, youngest brother of the Telugu Matinee Idol Megastar Chiranjeevi christened his name as Pawan Kalyan with his first film Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi in 1996.

Today Pawan Kalyan is an Icon for the Box Office Power House with his top notch opening collections and scintillating performances. His image and craze among the trade circles and the public is just near to Chiranjeevi. In the career spanning 11 years, he has performed all shades of roles and was well appreciated by the masses. His 13th movie is under shoot and Geetha arts is producing the film. He is the only star in the current generation who dared to direct a movie when his career was in peek.


Pawan Kalyan, the hero who could get huge following with just 6 movies to his credit and able to make his 7th movie grossing more than 20 crores, is a simple, humble and away-from-publicity guy. Media is always keen on him as they know nothing about him.

Pawan Kalyan was well resourced when he stepped into films. His big brother Megastar Chiranjeevi's ardent fan following getting ready to embrace the launch of another member from the Mega family, his second brother Nagababu - a producer, his brother-in-law Allu Aravind - an ace producer. What else would one need?

Pawan Kalyan was first married to Nandini, whom he divorced on 13 August 2008. Pawan Kalyan has been married to Renu Desai (On 28 January 2009) , a co-star, who is currently owning a design store called Designs. The happy couple are blessed with one son, Akira. Despite his latest release and directorial debut, the hugely expensive Johnny, faring disastrously at the box office, actor Pawan Kalyan's place among the top five stars in the Telugu film industry remains secure, at least for now.

Kalyan, younger brother of Megarstar Chiranjeevi, created a record in the Telugu film industry by selling Johnny for a record-breaking Rs 210 million and releasing it in more than 300 theatres. Viewers made a beeline for the first few shows, but the tragic tale of a young man running from pillar to post to save his cancer-stricken wife failed to click with the audiences.

His fans felt that if Kalyan had made a youthful entertainer -- the sort he's known for -- the distributors would have laughed all the way to the bank. A few industry bigwigs praised his directorial ability, but others questioned the choice of subject for his debut venture.

Kalyan's disappointed fans, however, are already looking forward to his next film, produced by his other brother Nagababu. Directed by Veerasankar, it stars Meera Jasmine as his leading lady. He is also working on a film directed by Karunakaran for ace producer Aswini Dutt. It remains to be seen which film reaches the theatres first.

Shy by nature, Kalyan dreamt of becoming a film technician. It was Chiranjeevi's wife Surekha who convinced him to become an actor. Chiranjeevi's brother-in-law Allu Aravind launched Kalyan with great fanfare in Akada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi, but the movie failed to make an impact at the box office.

Film Career

Though Pawan Kalyan was launched in a big way with Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi in 1996, all one could see in him was Chiranjeevi's brother. Continued the same trend for another two movies - Gokulamlo Sita and Suswagatham. Pawan Kalyan's discipline and dedication comes from the martial arts that he has been practising. To clarify some of the critics comments about his martial arts skills, Pawan Kalyan demonstrated a show amidst a huge audience at Ravindra Barathi. He was awarded the title "Pawan", symbolising Lord Hanuman for his energy. Hence Kalyan was rechristined as Pawan Kalyan.

In 1998, Tholi Prema released. It initially started out low profile but the treatement and the storyline along with melodious and balanced music by Deva took the movie to great heights and so did the image of Pawan Kalyan. Tholi Prema is a milestone in Pawan Kalyan's career. It is the movie which made the audience recognize the talent him.

Thammudu, another blockbuster followed, is a remake of Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikkandar with a difference that Pawan Kalyan is a kickbocxer.

Kalyan teamed up with a new director, Puri Jagannath, for his next film, Badri (1999). His superstardom was evident when the movie traded for an astronomical sum, leaving the Telugu industry amazed and his critics carping. But Kalyan silenced them when the love story opened well and went on to make a huge profit.

Badri's action sequences were well appreciated by the audiences and added a new dimension to Kalyan's loverboy image. "I pick those down-to-earth characters to identify myself with a wider section of the youth," said the PowerStar. He consciously began to increase the gap between his releases.

Producer A M Ratnam signed him for a remake of his Tamil hit Khushi. The movie exploited Kalyan's loverboy-cum-action hero image. The ego clashes between the protagonists (Kalyan and Boomika) were widely appreciated and the film went on to become the biggest hit of his career, grossing Rs 27 crore (approximately US $5.72 million).

Pawan Kalyan is, as reported by media by then, involves himself in other aspects of the film too. Though few criticize that, it's his responsibility and commitment to the project that makes him take care of everything. And ofcourse, it worked each and every time. Kushi, released in 2001, created records. Kushi, his 7th movie, went on to get a gross of 20 crores.

By this time, he had stopped interacting with the local press and even skipped the press meets organised to cover his films. He only granted interviews to a few English magazines, but later discontinued this practice as well. He shot his debut venture in a low-profile manner and shrouded it in secrecy. The media were warned against using stills of Johnny without permission.

Just before the film's release, Kalyan was in the news when he accused the Deccan Chronicle Group of publications of making baseless allegations against him and his brother, Chiranjeevi. He, Nagababu and Allu Aravind staged a dharna before its office in Secunderabad, with fans organising a rasta roko (road blockade) in his support.

Pawan made his first official directorial debut with Johnny, for which he traveled to Japan to get trained in martial art Aikido. Renu Desai and himself cast as lead actors, the film did not do well at the box-office. Gudumba Shankar (2004), for which Pawan contributed screenplay miserably failed to reach the expectations of the audience. Balu (2005) by Vyjayanthi Films didn't do too well. His next movie Bangaram was average. Annavaram (2007) was good grosser.

Jalsa (2008), is the most widely released south Indian picture ever (approximately 1000 theaters worldwide). The movie hit the screens with high expectations and created record of collecting more than 42 crores with in 50 days of its release another big hit in Pawan's Career. Currently he is acting in a film named Komaram Puli directed by S.J Suryah, cinematography by twice IIFA award winner Binod Pradan and music of this film is given by the Oscar award winner A.R.Rehman.

Pawan Kalyan is involved in the State politics of Andhra Pradesh. He has campaigned for the Praja Rajyam Party, which was led by his own brother Chiranjeevi. He was appointed as the president of Yuva Rajyam, the youth wing of Praja Rajyam.

Media have every reason to misinterpret him. They write a lot about him. He was completely down after Johnny. What he thought of Johnny and what got translated on screen was very different. He compensated the distributors' loss. He have always shared the loss and no one talks about it. Nevertheless, he is a very content person and he never felt that he should use media to justify his actions. He always thinks that movies are the only source of media for him to interact with the audience and his fans. The fact that he has not celebrated even a single 'Success Meet' or a function after his movie reaches a landmark shows his modesty and simplicity. His sheer disinterest in media is the reason for the bad propagation about him in the media. Also Pawan did not receive any award for his movies so far as he is not media friendly. The fact that he did not receive the Best Actor award for Khushi in 2001, the year in which Telugu film industry was in crisis shows the non-cooperation of media to him.

Social Work
Pawan Kalyan has started an organization called Common Man Protection Force(CMPF) in October 2007. He has contributed 1 crore INR towards the corpus fund, CMPF aims to solve the social problems, help the neglected sections of the society, in India. He makes sure that all this films have a message for the viewers, making them aware of the problems in the society and quest towards the solutions. He is a person who always questions his motives constantly.

Great Respect for women
Pawan in all his movies made sure that women are never insulted ..proof for it would be that there were no double meaning dailogues, irritating club songs, underplayed roles of heroine. You can go with your family and enjoy his movies always.

Great musical and Lyrical values
According to Keeravani a great music director , Pawan is one of very few who got great music taste and judgement...We can understand as all his movies are great muscial hits. Pawan has great love towards good literature and lyrical values...All lyrics in his movies have good lyrical values and underlying message.

Keeping Low profile created Wrong perception
Pawan is very private person and always keeps low profile of himself. And tries to keep away from media. That was taken as advantage by some yellow journalits and a section of media to create hypothetical , imaginary and cock and bull stories about Pawan kalyan. As we all are aware , major percentage of people will be just carried away by gossips and fake news rather than having good inputs , analyzing things and then coming to a decision...some people got wrong perception about him.

Others about Power Star
Madhu Ambat ( great cinematographer)...."I have hardly seen youngsters who have that much great knowledge and clarity on film making. Pawan is one of them and he always thrives for perfection."
A.M. Ratnam ( a veteran film maker-Surya Movies) ... " To the extent of my knowledge, there are only two people who have great judgement and crystal clarity on commercial film making in south India..one is Rajnikanth and another is Pawan kalyan".
Trivikram Srinivas... " He is one of the greatest personalities I have ever met. I got inspired and have learnt many things from him...He is not only a reel life hero but also a real life Hero."
Surya ( Veteran actor --gold medalist in Asian school of drama)..." I have noticed an approach like a hollywood director in him. His hardwork and passion for better output inspired me a lot."


  • Pawan Kalyan is a Vegetarian.
  • He holds a Black Belt in Martial arts and did real stunts for his movies - Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbai and Thammudu.
  • Founded an organisation called Common Man Protection Force. It aims to solve the social problems and help the neglected sections of the society
  • He demonstrated his martial arts skills before a huge audience at Ravindra Barathi and was awarded the title 'Pawan'
  • Surrendered his revolver when his niece, Srija, who married against her family's wishes, told the media that she perceived a threat to her life from her family.
  • Pepsi First south Indian actor to appear in an endorsement, for the soft drink PEPSI.
  • Whenever he is free he can be seen in Shankarpally where he retreats for days together amidst the exotic surroundings.
  • Renu Desai is the Costume designer for most of his films.
  • He was a member of the Madras Rifle Club.
  • Chiranjeevi's wife Surekha who convinced him to become an actor.
  • He returned money back to the distributors for his film Johnny didnt do well at the Box Office.
  • Apart from being an actor, he feels also as a Director, Screenplay writer, Choreographer, Stunt Master and a Playback singer.
  • "Victory" Venkatesh is a good friend of Pawan Kalyan and both expressed their interest to act in a film.
  • Tamil sensational actor Vijay is also a good friend and great fan of him.
  • Tamil and Telugu actress Trisha in an interview said that, she had a crush on Pawan Kalyan.
  • Telugu actresses Nikitha, Genelia and shriya are also big fans of pawankalyan.
  • He has a good rapport with music director Ramana Gogula and the creative directors - Puri Jagannadh and A. Karunakaran.
  • His favourite past time is reading books and planting saplings.He has a farm house in the outskirts of hyderabad where he grows vegetables,fruits.
  • He is the most misunderstood man in the Telugu film industry, But there is no denying Kalyan's star power.

Superstardom and "pawan-Mania":

The move from "star" to "powerstar" came when pawan kalyan played "balu"in the 1998 blockbuster toliprema.the highest critical aclaimed movie It also received 6 nandi awards. Over the course of the next few years he would become a household name statewide,synonymous with labels such as "teenage heart-throb".In 1999 pawankalyan began a shift away to action and love involved movies and moved to engage himself by starring in three epic movies:Thammudu,Badri,Khushi.All three films were very well received by critics.His stardom took such a high because he is the only actor in the Telugu film fraternity to give four block-busters in a row. He mainly attracted youth and college students with his movies in college back-drop and he has most of his following in the youth and also the most popular and liked actor in the youth. Hence irrespective of hits and flops his films receive a tremendous opening collections.

By 2002, Pawan Kalyan is shot to such a fame that Pepsi decided to put him against their arch rival Coke (Thumbs Up), being promoted by his big brother, Chiranjeevi.

Pawan Kalyan was never a media accessible person. Pawan Kalyan, in one of his interviews, commented that he is an artist and hence it's not him but his films that should do the talking.

Creating a niche of his own, Pawan Kalyan utilized the provided platform to become a successful actor,winning many hearts and fans and of course controversies along a career that has spanned nearly a decade. pawan kalyan based firmly on acting that idolized a typical Andhra Young Man and attracted huge following among the youth.

But after the intro of Chiranjeevi into the political arena with his party Prajarajyam,Pawan Kalyan also has shared his set of controversies both in career and in life such as his well publicised divorce,and the elope of Chiranjeevi's daughter. Apart from such controversies his philanthropic and outspoken nature attract both followers and rivals.

Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi.....Kalyan
Cast: Pavan Kalyan, Supriya, Rambha, Sarath BabuMusic Director: KotiDirector:E V V SatyanarayanaReleased on:May 21, 1996

  • Dangerous stunts and martial arts in this movie was done by his own

Gokulamlo Seetha.........Pavan

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Raasi, Harish, Kota Sreenivas Rao,Music Director: KotiDirector: Muthyala SubbaiahProducer: GVG RajuReleased on: August 22, 1997

  • This movie brought mass image to Pawan Kalyan. This movie completed its 100 day run in 11 theaters.
  • It is a remake of Tamil film Gokulathil Seethai starring Karthik.


Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Devayani, Raghuvaran, Prakash Raj, SudhakarMusic Director: S A Raj KumarDirector: Bheemaneni Sreenivasa RaoProducer: R B ChowdaryReleased on: January 1, 1998

  • This film is the first biggest hit of 'Pawankalyan' and managed to run for 100Days in 16 centres. And this movie eventually made Pawankalyan as one of the big commercial hero in the tollywood after the existing top heros.
  • This film is a remake of the hit Tamil film 'Love Today'

Tholi Prema....Balu
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Keerthi Reddy, Vasuki, AliMusic Director: DevaDirector: A KarunakaranProducer: GVG RajuReleased on: July 24, 1998

  • Karunakaran saw Pawan Kalyan’s photo on a news magazine at a pan shop in chennai and decided that he would be the lead actor in his movie.
  • Karunakaran is a painter in real life. Keerthi Reddy’s picture on the post cards was drawn by him.
  • Pawan Kalyan cut down his remuneration to fund the Taj Mahal set in “Gagananiki Udayam Okate”.
  • The film had run for more than 100 days in 21 centres.
  • The film had run for more than 200 days in 2 centres.
  • Pawan Kalyan’s bike in toli prema is shown as a modified version of 2 stroke RX-100 but the bike shown after modificaiton is a 4 stroke dirtbike.
  • There is no female voice in any of the songs in the movie.
  • The film was later remade in Hindi as Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai starring Tusshar Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.It was dubbed in Tamil as Aanandha Mazhai.
  • Winner of National Award Best Feature Film and run for more than 365 days

Thammudu...Subrahmanyam (Subbu, Subhash)
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Preeti Jingiani, Aditi Govitrikar, Achyuth, Chandra Mohan, Mallikarjuna RaoMusic Director: Ramana GogulaDirector: P.A. Arun PrasadProducer: Sivarama Krishna BReleased on: July 15, 1999

  • This film is loosely based on the 1989 English movie Kickboxer (film)
  • This film is highly influenced from 1992 Hindi movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai, Amisha Patel, Prakash RajMusic Director: Ramana GogulaDirector: Puri JagannathProducer: T Trivikrama RaoReleased on: 20 April 2000

  • The film grossed more than Rs.120 million.
  • This film completed its 100 Days run in 42 Centres.

Khushi...Siddartha Roy
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Bhoomika Chawla, Nazar, Vijay KumarMusic Director: ManisharmaDirector: SJ SuriyaProducer: AM RatnamReleased on: 27 April 2001

  • Kushi, his 7th movie, went on to get a gross of 20 crores.

Cast: Pawan KalyanMusic Director: Ramana GogulaDirector: Pawan KalyanProducer: Allu AravindReleased on: 25 April 2003

  • The film did not do great at the boxoffice but the movie has touching moments and became a canvas of Pawan's directorial skills.
  • Pawan Kalyan was in Japan for a brief period learing Akido martial art for the film.

Gudumba Shankar.....Gudumba Shankar, Kalyan ji Anand Ji

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Meera Jasmine, Ashish Vidhyardhi, Sayaji Shinde, AliMusic Director: ManisharmaDirector: Veera ShankarProducer: NagendraReleased on: 10 September 2004

  • This film has Pawan Kalyan written all over it. Stunts and songs are conceptualized by Pawan Kalyan. He also got the credits for screenplay. The film is a good family entertainer.

Balu ABCDEFG....Balu
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shriya, Jayasudha and Neha OberoiMusic Director: ManisharmaDirector: A KarunakaranProducer: C. Ashwini DuttReleased on: January 6, 2005

  • The film had a 50-day run in 61 centres.
  • This was the first telugu movie to be released in South Africa after 40 years and received overwhelming response there.

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Meera Chopra, Trisha, Mukesh Rishi, Reema SenMusic Director: VidyasagarDirector: DharaniProducer: AM RatnamReleased on: May 3, 2006

  • Although it opened with extraordinary collections grossing almost 10 crores opening week, the film came out to be a disappointment.

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Siva Balaji, Asin, SandhyaMusic Director: Ramana GogulaDirector: Bhimaneni Srinivasa RaoProducer: R B ChoudaryReleased on: December 29, 2006

  • This film is a remake of Tamil hit Thirupaachi
  • The film was also remade into Hindi as Bhai starring Abhishek Bachchan and Asin.
  • Zee Telugu bought the rights of this film at a price of Rs. 15 crores.
  • Crores of rupees were spent on sophisticated cameras to choreograph the songs.
  • On Day 1, the film grossed 3.75 crores. In its first week of release, the film grossed a share of 12.44 crores, which is the best opening for any of Pawan Kalyan's films. In the second week, the film grossed a share of 18 crores. After three weeks, the film grossed a share of 27 crores.
  • The film had a 50-day run in 131 centres.
  • Movie ran for 100 days in 7 centres and managed to be a good hit based on it's collections and the complete run.

Jalsa....Sanjay Sahu
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Ileana, Parvathi Melton,Music Director: Devisri PrasadDirector: Trivikram SreenivasProducer: Allu AravindReleased on: April 2, 2008

  • The audio rights were sold to Aditya Music for 90 lakhs , the highest for a Telugu film ever in the recent times.
  • The film released with 320 prints in 1000 theatres.
  • The film crossed Rs 21 crores in its opening weekThe film's gross collection for the first 50 Days is Rs.42 Crores and collected 73 crores in its complete 100 days run with 159 centres. And recorded as the highest grosser of the tollywood till date.
  • This was the last appearance singer Kay Kay made in telugu for the song My Heart Is Beating.

Komuram Puli....Komaram Puli

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikesha Patel, Saranya, Manoj Bajpai, Nasser, Girish KannadMusic Director: AR RahmanDirector: SJ SuriyaProducer: Singamala Ramesh

  • Komaram is taken from the surname of the Gond martyr Komaram Bheem who fought against the erst while Asaf Jahi dynasty for the liberation of Hyderabad State.
  • Pawan Kalyan has gone through a makeover to suit himself to the role of powerful cop with a moustache and military cut.
  • Audio Rights were sold for 2 crores.
  • Komaram Puli Satellite rights have been bought for 6 crores by Gemini.
  • Collected a whopping 23 crores in First week of its release.
Upcoming Movies:

Movie on Jesus Christ
Direction: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
Music: Devisri Prasad
Producer: Konda Krishnam Raju

Remake of Love AajKal (Parameswari Arts Movies)
Heroine: Trisha
Direction: Jayanth C Paranjee
Dialogues: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: Ganesh

Special Appearances:
Shankar Dada MBBS....Cameo Role

Shankar Dada Zindabad...Suresh


Satyagrahi (2008) (in production) (screenplay)
Gudumba Shankar (2004) (screenplay)
Johnny (2003) (screenplay) (story)

Johnny (2003) (stunts)
Daddy (2001/I) (stunts)
Khushi (2001) (stunts)

Satyagrahi (2008) (in production)
Johnny (2003)
Music Department:

Johnny (2003) (playback singer)

Shart: The Challenge (2004) .... Himself

About Pawan Kalyan's Orkut Community:

Being a star confined to a single state , generally many stars will have very less number of people in their community. But Now it is Pawan Kalyan we are talking about. Breaking these prejudices Pawan's community has a huge 70,000 membership and it is one of the most active communities on Orkut. If any news related to Pawan comes out it should be present at his Orkut Community. Not only being active online the members of the community also have get together programmes , social activities and other activities.

The most attractive thing in the community is the description about Pawan and his profile picture. You can see different pics everyday as his profile picture.

Following is the description about Pawan in his Community

If passion could speak,
It would articulate the splendor of Pawan in the most beautiful way...

If imagination had wings,
It would spread the glory of Pawan to the world around...

If vision could feel,
It would feel the radiance of Pawan to the fullest extent...

If heart could think,
It would comprehend the platonic love that the fans of Pawan have for him...

If truth had power,
It would make sure Pawan achieves tremendous success in the years to come...

If fans have faith,
Nothing can stop Pawan from becoming the most enduring, adorable and inspiring STAR

Welcome to your community and our hearts

HERE is the link for the Orkut Community.

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"Planting sapplings" is an Unique Hobby. kudos to mr. Pawan Kalyan Konidela.


sreenuvennela said...

An IDEA for Sapling Plantation.
On Aesthetic aspect: Bring Clay/Soil/Silt from 23(Twenty Three) Districts of Andhra Pradesh. And, MIX it as ONE. PLANT a SAPLING of NEEM (i.e., STATE TREE) in Your's FARM-HOUSE/GARDEN.
It's an idea of mine only. For this matter, for the FIRST Time, I am sharing this AESTHETIC CONCEPTUAL IDEA with you only. Just, THINK and IMPLEMENT it.

Yours affectionately,
East Godavari District
Phone : 9440 373315

shamili said...

pavan kalya.......king of andhra

Anonymous said...


ka said...

i love u pawan u r my pawankalyan. god always with u. i fell a beautiful felling. my mind is always thinging you. i fell some event. how explain. it is true. it is promise. god and me know it. i say true. please pawan hope me. i love u. i am man. so what? i love u. love is nature. love is god. love is true. if nature langage understand, never need human langage. if heard language is understand never need human language. air language is sound and music. flower language is color and smell love langage is what? eyes? or lips? i fell i love pawan. i am waiting to u. next birth. i love u. god always with u. my id is pawankalyankarthik@ymail.com

Anonymous said...


suresh said...

pawan is great

Sravan said...

Gr8 Dude
Wonderful Work

Anonymous said...

abbo keeeeekaaaaaaaaaaa superbbbbbbb

sriharshavardhan said...

god wanted to be on silver screen, so pawankalyan was born......... proud to be powerstars fan........

Anonymous said...

naku aha family lo nachindi nuvu okadevay anna. allu aravid gadu antai manta.vadi carefull ga vundu anna.

Anonymous said...

hi anna.. pawan annaki tagga tammudu..
evadu vachina konidala vasham mundu moosuku koorchovalisnde..

Anonymous said...

proud to be pawankayan fan , very badly waiting for puli release ,,,hoping for best ,,,,

sreenuvennela said...

Respected Pavan Star Ji,
I have been prepared an excellent Story for You with GUTS and GAMOOTH. Besides, with an emiritus socio-realistic and people soul-touching STORY for future Film. Sir, Do you know any idea about Sri Aurobindo's FUTURISM...?

It is submitted for yours kind perusal and for due reponse to call me, for above said purpose.

-Sreenu Vennela
Story Writer cum Lyricist
Ph 9494214212

Anonymous said...

pavan is the great & bangole tiger paven pavan kalyan in &as ................

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

super bava. nuvuu keka i love pawan.same elane pampu

surya said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for giving 1derful information about mana p1

Anonymous said...

kevvu keka

Satyagrahi sangathi enti



Johnny said...

pawan lanti hero malli raadu

pawan kalyan zindabaaad

pawan kekoooo kekaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

im proud to be a pawan kalyan fan

chinna said...

nuvvu kiraku pawan u r looking smart and nee hairstyle tho ap nay marchesavu u r always roczzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

thank u dude... its really nice one

Anonymous said...

thank you very much we die for pawan and chiranjeevi

Anonymous said...

Dude you did a great job!! Pawan kalyan Zindabad!!

Anonymous said...

pawan komaram puli lo thappa ekkada balevu

jaanu said...

pawan u r awesome.ur movies r the definition for box office.love u pawan but plz do select good stories becoz we want c our pawan only in block buster stories like jalsa and kushi.

raj said...

pavan please repeat movies like badri kushi tammudu,tolli prema like stories its a pleasing request from me-r@j

HARI said...


Vijaya said...

i like his jalsa movi it is sonise i seen full movie

Suresh kumar said...

king of the industry power star

Suresh kumar said...

king of tollywood power star pawan kalyan

Anonymous said...

raccha max powerstar rocks

srinivasulu said...

pavan is the "mister hollywood" of tollywood

Naresh.A said...


Rvensoftware solutions said...

Pawan kalyan is king Of King In AP.............

Anonymous said...

ninu ne charecter antha gopadho andariki telusu anna naku telisi chiranjeevi tharuvatha nuva thapitha avaru tollywood king kaleru

deepakkiranraj said...

i love u anna i will donate my blood for u

komala said...

i am big big and mad fan of him. i always thinks of him. and i liked the profile so much.i was so happy infact. i want to meet him. my name is komala . power star rocks always. he is in our heart always.actually my bro is also a big fan of him. may god bless him always. he should be happy and healthy............ with lots of love komala.

Anonymous said...

its just pawan the hero in tollywood

Anonymous said...

am big fan of pawan ..............his profile is good .............he should make many more rocking movies

orange said...


techical said...

what a super information i have tried very much for dis but i didnt get it
i am the big fan of pawankalyan

Anonymous said...

your r a very intelzently fellow in telugu industie becuase of you dont no your power

lokesh said...

i expected pawan kalyan old days like kushi, toliprema and thammudu like movies. last 10years i was not satisfied with his movies. i am one of big fan to him.

raki said...

good job, we lov pawan

naresh said...

power star nee attitude bagundi.....

RocK $$$tARRRRRRRRRR said...

pavankalyan..rocks always we are wid u ..sir..and i love oly 3 memberes one my parents ,next pavankalyan,,den my lover...i love u anna..i can die for u

srinu said...

very nice to see...good info..

Thanks..for sharing...

power star...rocksssssssssss

narendranaidu said...

pawan always great.....proud to be pawan bai fan

Anonymous said...

Pawan rocks

phani said...

pawan kalyan is the god of tollyood rather than his brother chiru
who was nt constant in a particular party

naveen said...

pavan sir u r my inspiration

Teligu Movie said...

Good collection....Pawan Rockzzzzzzzzz.

saddu said...

Pawan rocks

sosil2004 said...

very nice plz updae it

basha said...

pavan kalyan real hero
he is creater

basha said...

power star no1 real hero yout icon
he rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

udaykiran said...

Trend creator.........

Anonymous said...


ramesh said...

pawan kalyan is a legend...............

ramesh said...

star of the star pawan kalyan

ramesh said...

pawan kalyan is a legend...............

prasad said...


sure orange said...

pawan a realman

sure orange said...


sure orange said...

hai sir

Telugufilm said...

Wow great

srikanth madras said...

hello sir we are big fans of about your profile.

Chantymail Chanty said...

one & only POWER STAR

Rajesh V said...

He is a different person,,,,,,king of the India,,,,,,

I love U so,,,,,,,, much sir,

Anonymous said...

Pawanism.... Jai power star.....!!

Raju Prasad said...

such a great human beings

Raju Prasad said...

such a great human beings and cool person

Jaladi-Jinka said...

#Power star Always great...

Guru Prasad said...

He is a honest person......,every pawan kalyan fan feel so proud.

Guru Prasad said...

He is honest person...........every pavan kalyan fan feel so proud

Unknown said...

The real & reel hero of tollywood.

Pawan kalyan ante padi chastam.

Unknown said...

The real & reel hero of tollywood.

Pawan kalyan ante padi chastam.

Anitha Chowdary said...

great post thanks for the precious information with pictures:)... Here you can find All songs Lyrics of Attharintiki Daaredhi

sathish avula said...

am big of fan u sir ur are the insprestion
i love u so much anna

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