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Leader Review by Early Tollywood: Sensible and Honest Telugu Movie after a long time

Film: Leader
Rating: 3.75/5
Direction: Sekhar Kammula
Banner: AVM
Cast: Daggubati Rana, Richa Gangopadhyaya, Priya Anand, Subba Raju, Harshavardhan, Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Ahuti Prasad, Tanikella Bharani, Suhasini, Suman, Udaya Bhanu etc
Music: Mickey J Mayor
Cinematography: Vijay C Kumar
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Producers: M Saravanan and MS Guhan
Released On: 19th Feb 2010


Leader has been postponed many times and faced many hurdles. Finally it released today. I think it is the most awaited movie honestly in the recent times in Tollywood (Atleast I was waiting eagerly). Firstly I was very excited that Shekhar took the Politics as the theme. And secondly the cast from Hero Rana to everyother artiste. We have big names like Kota, Suhasini, Ahuthi Prasad, Subba Raju, Gollapudi, Tanikella Bharani and all.

Can you expect something insensible from Shekhar Kammula? No way at all. One more honest attempt from Shekhar in the form of Leader. I went through the reviews of other websites. I thought they need some more time to get matured and accept the content. Instead of understanding the content they are complaining about the scenes that they did not understand. Another movie website which is very close to our Telugu cinema fans wrote 3 reviews. What a comedy!! Firstly they tried to defame the movie. Not worked. I bet you there will be huge positive opinion in the public about the movie. So seeing this they wrote another review "Review 2" by praising the movie. So you can easily understand the quality of that website. Unfortunately that website doesnt have comments section. If there had been a comments section it would have been a different situation.

Ya coming to the review. As usually I wont let the story out. But I will quote some extra-ordinary dialogues in the movie which I think many did not get them with the pace of the movie.

1) Shekhar Kammula all the way. The dressing of Rana especially a plain Shirt with a normal pant with in-shirt resembles Shekhar's dressing. Though the movie had some loopholes but the positive feel of the movie drives you away from those loopholes. Hatsoff to Shekhar for such a positive and honest movie.

2) Mickey J Meyer. Wow!! His Background score is life for the movie. What a stunning background he gave. He will get huge applause from the audience.

3) Rana did justice for the character. Many times his voice resembles Venky's. Especially his smile can drive girls crazy. He can be a good actor like Venky with his selection of movies. I hope he will do some meaningful movies in the future.

4) Priya Anand is good with his accent and you will enjoy the jokes. But her character should have been carefully crafted.

5) Richa Gangopadhyay. Another Shekar Kammula Heroine. First when you see her in some modern outfits there wont be a big response. Later in the film when she will be seen in saree. you say Wow. What do you think? Is it the beauty of the saree or Richa?

6) Kota. What an actor he is. If I want to write about him I can go on and on. When you think of a politician Kota will be the man that comes to your mind.

7) Subbaraju and Rao Ramesh were good as usually.

8) There are some technical problems with clarity of the film in some scenes and abrupt ending sometimes.

I dont want spoil the movie. But I think the most fantastic scenes in the movie are

The conversation between Rana and Gollapudi about present politics. The dialogue is not the same but the meaning is.
Gollapudi says " Ippudu janalu Chicken Biryani thintunnaranuko..manam valla daggara adhi lageskoni Pappannam istham.. vallu godavalu cheyaru aa pappannam thintaru..tarvata pappannam kuda lageskoni annam pedtham..appudu kuda godavalu cheyaru... tarvata aa annam kuda lageskuntam.. lageskoni Free Rice antam... veetiki dheniki godavalu cheyakunda Free rice ani egurukuntu vastaru..votlestharu..."

I think Shekhar's anger is not on politicians but more on the people who are not at all thinking. Great one Shekhar.

Rana Says" Mekoka 70..80 ellu untay...Meru Gandhi ni thakuntaru...Nehru ni ee kallatho chusuntaru.. me anubhavam, chaduvu antha avineetiki dharabosaru...alantappudu meerunte entha oodithey entha?"

Rao Ramesh to Rana" Rajakeeyalu gurinchi ...jeans lu eskoni pizzalu thine neku em thelsu ra...."
Rana " aunu mavayya.. naku thelsindhi rajakeeyalu ante konadam ammudupovadam..adhi jeans lu pizza lu thine nake kadhu... rendo class chadivuthu cheddileskone vadiki kuda thelsu.."

Tanikella " Ivvala nijayithee ga panicheyadamante thyagam cheyadame sir.."

Suhasini "Ninnu Leader ga chudalanukunnanu ra...Politician ga kadhu..."

On the Whole.... Most Sensible Telugu movie of the recent times... Shekhar rocked again with his honest attempt.

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Anonymous said...

u r right .the film has wowed everybody.thanks for the review

anil said...

the film is good

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