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Jandhyala's humility is his greatest virtue
Jandhyala, a writer of over 350 films and the director of classics like "Ananda Bhairavi" and "Padamati Sandhya Ragam", can be cited as a shining example of how greatness and celebrity status do not go into the heads of those individuals whose best virtue is their humility. Always smiling and witty, Jandhyala is simplicity personified - both in his attire and attitude. He is never tired of reminding you that of all the living creatures created by God only man is blessed with the wonderful expression of happiness through a smile. So one has to make the best of this gift - by smiling and making others smile. This is the very reason why Jandhyala chose humour as his vehicle of expression.

One would forget all his sorrows and tears and have a hearty laugh, while witnessing a Jandhyala film. This is what humour does to the human psyche. Jandhyala is a master of this art and has rightly earned for himself the title "Hasya Brahma". Some writers seem to be of the opinion that obscenity is also one of the forms of "generating" humour. Jandhyala has never allowed the commercial outlook or "requisities" of a producer interfere with his work of art and its sanctity.

Humour and writing skills apart, Jandhyala is a multi-faceted genius. The little known fact is that he is an accomplished actor too. Before venturing into the tinsel world, Jandhyala acted in hundreds of plays on stage. It is notable that he rejected offers of roles in films due to his ardent love and flair for writing. Interestingly, he dabbled with the "art of dubbing" once. He lent his voice to the character of Nehru in the Telugu version of Richard Attenborough's "Gandhi". As a script writer, Jandhyala has carved a niche for himself. One day, he can write dialogues for such pucca commercials like "Adavi Ramudu" and the next he can produce such classics as "Sankara Bharanam" with equal ease - blazing away to glory on both the occasions.

Jandhyala's filmi career graph does not exhibit any "roses all the way" line. In fact it was just the opposite as he had no "Godfather" in the film industry. Born in Narsapur in West Godavari district on January 14, 1951 into a middle class family, Jandhyala exhibited rare abilities even during his school days.He wrote his first ever short story at a tender age of ten for his school journal. He wrote a short story (his second one) and sent it to "Andhra Prabha" and it was published. He received a remuneration of Rs.10 for his "forays into the world of creative writing". This was his first ever earning as a writer.

While studying as a teenager, he wrote a number of critically acclaimed plays notable amongst them being "Atmahuti" and "Ek Din Ka Sultan".Jandhyala completed his B.Com., degree and joined the Chartered Accountants course. During the period, he wrote "Sandhyaragamlo Sankharaavam" and staged 80 performances of the play. During the staging of this play in Madras, two things happened that "ordained" to change the career of Jandhyala. He received twin offers - one to act as a hero in a film and another to script a film.

Pinisetti Sri Rama Murty, himself a prolific writer, playwright and director, offered him the lead role in his forthcoming film "Thalli Godaari" and B.N. Reddy, the doyen of the Telugu film industry offered Jandhyala the task of writing the script for his next film. B.N.Reddy was then planning to film "Punyabhoomee Kallu Theru", a well-meaning novel written by Bina Devi. However Jandhyala decided to take up B.N.Reddy's offer and joined his team as script writer for his forthcoming film. Unfortunately B.N.Reddy breathed his last even before completing his pet project.

Jandhyala was,obviously, shaken by the tragedy. He knew no one else in the film industry at the time and returned back to Vijayawada. During this time Anandamohan was then planning a film with new faces. He gave Jandhyala a chance to script his film. Jandhyala stunned every one by completing the script in just ten days. Thus Jandhyala, the script writer of great promise had arrived with the film "Pelli Kaani Pelli". He was also offered the job of writing the script of "Devudu Chesina Bommalu".

Though the first film he wrote was "Pelli Kaani Pelli", Hanuman Prasad's "Devudu Chesina Bommalu" featuring Murali Mohan in the lead role was released first. The film was a hit and launched Jandhyala into an exciting film career. K.Viswanath then offered him the script writing work of his film "Siri Siri Muvva" to Jandhyala. The film was a runaway hit. Jandhyala never looked back from then on. Well known director Raghavendra Rao saw the film "Siri Siri Muvva" and offered the script of "Adavi Ramudu", he was directing, with N.T.Rama Rao in the lead role. As N.T.Rama Rao was a celebrity, Raghavendra Rao wanted to introduce the young writer to the hero. He took Jandhyala along and introduced him as the writer. N.T.Rama Rao looked enigmatically at Raghavendra Rao, thought for a while and said, "Don't take the risk. This film is a high budget film. Engage a popular writer. I don't think that this boy (Jandhyala was 26 then) can deliver the goods".

Raghavendra Rao however went ahead with Jandhyala as the script writer. After the film was completed and the first copy was ready, Rama Rao saw the preview of the film and thoroughly impressed with Jandhyala's work promised to utilise Jandhyala's services even for his own films. Jandhyala went on to work for NTR's own films, including the big hit "Driver Ramudu". He became popular by scripting the dialogues for such classics of Viswanath as "Subhodayam", "Sitamaalakshmi", "Sankarabharanam", "Sapta Padhi" and "Sagara Sangamam". He also penned the script for the commercials of Raghavendra Rao like "Amara Deepam", "Vetagadu", "Driver Ramudu" and "Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari". Jandhyala was at his peak during this time, writing script for 90 percent of the Telugu film directors.

Jandhyala's foray into direction came through Koneru Rajendra Prasad, a film producer and Jandhyala's friend who persuaded Jandhyala to direct a film for him. The result of the persuasion was "Mudda Mandaram". Though he was himself new to direction, Jandhyala did not take any known star for the film. He chose Pradip and Purnima, both new faces to do the lead roles in the film. The film ran for 100 days.

His later films as director, "Malle Pandiri", "Naalugu Sthambhalaata" and Ushakiran Movies' "Srivariki Premalekha" were big hits. In "Nalugu Sthambhalaata" he had introduced the "Sutti" pair - Sutti Veerabhadra Rao and Sutti Velu. The sutti (hammering) dialogue referring to anyone boring the other with 'non stop talking' became immensely popular and the word he coined - sutti, found a place in the day to day conversation of the Telugus.

"Though I became a busy director, I did not give up writing, my first love. I have written script for 150 films even as I directed 42 films" said Jandhyala. Jandhyala's directorial prowess stood the test of art critics when "Ananda Bhairavi" featuring Girish Karnad in the lead role won the best director and best film awards of the Andhra Pradesh Government. "Srivariki Prema Lekha", a film written and directed by Jandhyala for Ramoji Rao's Usha Kiran Movies was a hilarious comedy and a runaway hit. "Padamati Sandhya Raagam" which Jandhyala produced in America with the available Telugu acting talent there was a master piece of art and a commercial success too. Apart from the heroine Vijaya Santi, all the others were well settled doctors and technocrats of America who acted like seasoned artistes. Jandhyala won the coveted Nandi Award (the award of the Government of Andhra Pradesh) for the Best Story Writer for the film. Jandhyala has won over 200 awards including the coveted 'Film Fare', 'Nandi', 'Kala Sagar', 'Siltara' etc.

Jandhyala, who acted as hero of hundreds of stage performances, however did not evince any interest in acting in films. He has acted in only one film, in Viswanath's "Apadbandhavudu".

While no noted artiste, director or writer wasted his time in television programmes, Jandhyala did not hesitate to parade his talents on the small screen, unmindful of the negligible returns. He has produced "Popula Petti" a humour serial and four tele-films for the "ETV". Three of his tele-films received Nandi awards. He has produced "Bhale Manchi Chouka Beramu", "Haasya Darbar" and the current "Joke Show" for the Gemini TV. He also produced two tele-films and a serial "Mahanandam" for the Doordarshan.

Jandhyala is currently writing the script of a forth coming film and a couple of TV serials. For Jandhyala writing has never been a money making exercise. He does not have a big bungalow like most film personalities. He lives in a modest flat in the Raj Bhavan Road in Somajiguda and is totally content with his way of life. The living example of a man, who believes humility is the best quality of a human being.

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1. Oho Naa Pellanta (1996) (dialogue)
2. Govindha Govindha (1993) (dialogue)
3. Ish Gup Chup (1993) (dialogue)
4. Ladies Special (1993) (writer)
5. Aapathbandavudu (1992) (dialogue)
6. Swathi Kiranam (1992) (dialogue)
7. Prema Entha Madhuram (1991) (adaptation) (dialogue)
8. Aditya 369 (1991) (dialogue) (story)
9. Jagadeka Veerudu Attilokasundari (1990) (dialogue)
10. Jayammu Nischayammu Raa! (1990) (dialogue) (screenplay)
11. Bava Bava Panneeru (1989) (dialogue)
12. Hai Hai Nayaka (1989) (screenplay and dialogue)
13. Aakhari Poratam (1988) (dialogue)
14. Antima Theerpu (1988) (dialogue)
15. Chinni Krishnudu (1988) (dialogue)
16. Choopulu Kalasina Shubhavela (1988) (dialogue)
17. Vivaaha Bhojanambu (1988) (dialogue)
18. Swayam Krushi (1987) (dialogue)
19. Aradhana (1987) (dialogue)
20. Aha Naa Pellanta (1987) (dialogue) (screenplay)
21. Muddula Manavadu (1987) (dialogue)
22. Chantabbai (1986) (dialogue) (screenplay)
23. Muddula Manavaraalu (1986) (dialogue)
24. Padamati Sandhya Ragam (1986) (dialogue)
25. Vijetha (1985) (dialogue)
26. Mogudu Pellalu (1985) (dialogue)
27. Rendu Rella Aaru (1985) (dialogue)
28. Ananda Bhairavi (1984) (dialogue) (screenplay)
29. Babai Abbai (1984) (dialogue)
30. Srivaariki Premalekha (1984) (dialogue) (screenplay)
31. Amarajeevi (1983) (dialogue)
32. Puttadi Bomma (1983) (dialogue)
33. Rendu Jella Seetha (1983) (dialogue) (story)
34. Sagara Sangamam (1983) (dialogue)
35. Shri Ranganeethulu (1983) (dialogue)
36. Nalugu Sthambalata (1982) (dialogue) (screenplay)
37. Seethakoka Chilaka (1981) (dialogue)
38. Saptapadhi (1980) (dialogue)
39. Subhodayam (1980) (dialogue)
40. Driver Ramudu (1979) (writer)
41. Naa Illu Naa Vaalu (1979) (writer)
42. Shankarabharanam (1979) (dialogue)
43. Vetagadu (1979) (dialogue)
44. Padaharella Vayasu (1978) (dialogue)
45. Seetamalakshmi (1978) (dialogue)
46. Siri Siri Muvva (1978) (dialogue)
47. Sommokadidhi Sokokadidhi (1978) (dialogue)
48. Adavi Ramudu (1977) (dialogue)

1. Oho Naa Pellanta (1996)
2. Ish Gup Chup (1993)
3. Ladies Special (1993)
4. Prema Entha Madhuram (1991)
5. Jayammu Nischayammu Raa! (1990)
6. Bava Bava Panneeru (1989)
7. Hai Hai Nayaka (1989)
8. Chinni Krishnudu (1988)
9. Choopulu Kalasina Shubhavela (1988)
10. Vivaaha Bhojanambu (1988)
11. Aha Naa Pellanta (1987)
12. Chantabbai (1986)
13. Muddula Manavaraalu (1986)
14. Padamati Sandhya Ragam (1986)
15. Mogudu Pellalu (1985)
16. Raagam Anantha Bairavi (1985)
17. Rendu Rella Aaru (1985)
18. Ananda Bhairavi (1984)
19. Babai Abbai (1984)
20. Srivaariki Premalekha (1984)
21. Amarajeevi (1983)
22. Puttadi Bomma (1983)
23. Rendu Jella Seetha (1983)
24. Nalugu Sthambalata (1982)

1. Aapathbandavudu (1992) .... School Teacher

1. Vivaaha Bhojanambu (1988) (producer)

Miscellaneous Crew:
1. Choopulu Kalasina Shubhavela (1988) (voice double: Suthi Veerabhadra Rao)

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