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List of Telugu Movies Released in 2008

2008 has started on dull note but is finally ending with good results. Small films like Nachchavule brought cheers to the industry and there is hope that Tollywood still can provide us some gems occasionally. Yet, this year has been a very disappointing one. Except a few movies like Gamyam, Kotta Bangaru Lokam, Vinaykudu, Ashta Chemma and Nachchavule, none of the movies (including the blockbusters) are good content wise. Not a single trend-setting movie released this year. More than the blockbusters, Telugu audiences this year suffered with pain-in-the neck movies. Here is the list of movies that gave us headaches.

Note: List is in the chronological order of release.

1. Aapada Mokkula Vaadu
(One wonders Posani really does know what direction is. There is a scene in the movie where hero Naga Babu cuts off genital of a villain and puts it in a freezer. That is the height of perversion. Such absurd scenes are aplenty in the movie).

2. Okka Magadu
(This much-hyped film not only brought bad name to director YVS but also the film’s hero Balakrishna. After the release, NBK confessed that he started the movie without hearing the script, as he blindly believed the director. Not that there are no other disasters in NBK’s career but this one takes the cake.)

3. Krishnarjuna
(On any day, we can watch Bruce Almighty any number of times than this big bore.)

4. Kathanayakudu
(This is biggest flop in Rajni’s career after disaster Baba. This film showed that P.Vasu urgently needs to bid adieu to direction!).

5. Baladoor
(Why did producer Suresh Babu make us to go through this torture? What was the director thinking when he made this film that no Telugu channel is airing '70s movies, so he wanted to offer such movie?)

6. Salute
(New director Rajashekar must have not known that a film has only one climax, not several ones. Like Buy One Get free, the movie offers two movies on one ticket.)

7. Mallepuvvu
(Perhaps this is only film that takes the credit for running only two days in the theatres. Joke is that when Bhumika went to a theatre with her gang of friends to watch the movie, audiences started shouting at Bhumika for selecting such insipid flick.)

8. Three
(This is most eccentric, absurd movie that released in 2008. Verdict: Don’t dig your own graveyard.)

9. Keka
(2008 showed that the so-called magic of Teja is finally and completely ended.)

10. Neninthe
(After Bachi and Andhrawala, Neninthe is biggest dud in Puri’s career.)

Following are also deserve to be in the list..

1) Andamaina Manasulo (It proved that music director R.P.Patnaik should stay away from acting and direction too.)
2) Nee Sukhame Ne Korutunna (TV soap operas look better than this)
3) Adi Vishnu
4) Sangamam
5) Ankith Pallavi Friends
6) Kousalya Supraja Rama
7) Deepavali
8) Dongala Bandi
9) Ek Police
10) Chedugudu.

Blockbuster of the year: Jalsa

Super hits: Krishna, Ready, Kottha Bangaaru Lokam

Hits: Parugu, Gamyam, Gorintaaku, Ullasamga.. Utsahamga.., Ashta Chemma, Sowryam, Siddhu from Sikakulam, Blade Babjee, Yuvatha, Vinayakudu, Nacchavule! (Started with good openings can be a hit)

Average: Black and White, Hare Ram, Kalidasu, Bommana Brothers-Chandana Sisters, Bathukamma, Homam, Chintakayala Ravi,Kantri

Hero of the year: Allari Naresh

Box-office star: Pawan Kalyan ( Jalsa)

Director of the year: Sreenu Vaitla

List Of the Movies Released in 2008

1. King
2. Naa Anevaadu
3. Nachavule
4. Neninthe
5. Chedugudu
6. Dongala Bandi
7. Raana
8. City Life
9. Andamaina Abaddam
10. Indrajith
11. Kshudra
12. Myaav
13. Kuberulu
14. Ek Police
15. Deepavali
16. Devarakonda Veeraiah
17. Vinayakudu
18. Terror
19. Sri Medaram Sammakka Sarakka Mahatyam
20. Ankusham
21. Avakai Biryani
22. Surya S/O Krishnan
23. Jabilamma
24. EkaLOVEyudu
25. Vijay IPS
26. Yuvatha
27. Blade Babji
28. Hero
29. Kasipatnam Chudarababu
30. Keka
31. Three
32. Nenu Meeku Telusa
33. Kottha Bangaru Lokam
34. Kausalya Supraja Rama
35. Ninna Nedu Repu
36. Chintakayala Ravi
37. Rainbow
38. Friends Colony
39. Naa Intlo Oka Roju
40. Souryam
41. Raksha
42. Mallepuvvu
43. Gunde Jhallumandi
44. Call Center
45. Ashta Chamma
46. Ankit, Pallavi & friends
47. Saroja
48. Homam
49. Black and White
50. Aadivishnu
51. Siddhu From Sikakulam
52. Salute
53. Baladoor
54. Cell
55. Gajibiji
56. Aalayam
57. Kathanayakudu
58. Ullasamgaa Utsahamgaa
59. Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu
60. Krushi
61. Hare Ram
62. Brahmanandam Drama Company
63. Sangamam
64. Kurkure
65. Gorintaku
66. Konchem Kottaga
67. Victory
68. Ready
69. Dasavatharam
70. Adhyakshaa
71. Somberi
72. Pandurangadu
73. Pardhu
74. Bujjigadu
75. Kantri
76. Parugu
77. Bathukamma
78. Donga Sachinollu
79. Michael Madana Kamaraju
80. Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters
81. Gadi No.305 lo Devudu
82. Kalidasu
83. Bhale Dongalu
84. Tinnama Padukunnama Tellarinda
85. Sawaal
86. Jalsa
87. Abbo Aadavallu
88. Aatadista
89. John Appa Rao 40 Plus
90. Premabhishekam
91. Bhadradri
92. Nagaram
93. Premabandham
94. Gamyam
95. Lakshmi Putrudu
96. Mangathaayaru Tifin Centre
97. Pelli Kani Prasad
98. Idi Sangathi
99. Nee Sukhame Ne Koruthunna
100. Buddha
101. Ontari
102. Andamaina Manasulo
103. Veedu Maamulodu Kaadu
104. Sundarakanda
105. Vishakha Express
106. Krishnarjuna
107. Mr Medhavi
108. Highway
109. Swagatham
110. Vaana
111. Pourudu
112. Krishna
113. Okka Magaadu
114. Apadamokkulavadu
115. Valentine
116. Dhyeyam

Source: TeluguCinema.com

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