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Ek Police (2008) Review

Film: Ek Police
Rating: 1.75/5
Banner: NH Rushya Productions
Cast: Naga Babu, Lakshana, Gayatri, Dheeraj etc
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Producers: Bhaskar Reddy, Krishna Prasad
Director: Kodi Rama Krishna
Released On: 28th Nov 2008

It's another product from Kodi Rama Krishna who again proved that he lost grip in making a film for contemporary audience although the subject seems not to be out dated.

Satya Murthy (Prithvi) is a lecturer who gets killed in the ands of two goondas. The goondas possess the support of politicians both from ruling and opposition parties. A group of 5 students (Dheeraj and Co and 'Happy Days' fame Gayatri) witness that brutal murder and report to police. ACP Jaya Chandra (Naga Babu) comes as a newly appointed officer in that place. Aruna (Lakshana), another lecturer in the college happens to witnesses the murder of Satya Murthy. But the behavior of ACP Jaya Chandra appears different. He joins hands with goondas and enjoys drinks with them. He also kidnaps Madhuri (Gayatri) just before the actual motive of Jaya Chandra is revealed. Finally how ACP Jaya Chandra gives a solution for better society forms the crux of the movie.

The movie turned watchable just because of Naga Babu. No other actor in the movie could pull the attention of audiences. Lakshana is plump but proves to be an apt choice beside Naga Babu. 'Happy Days' Gayatri appears to have taken up this role as she felt desperate. She might have considered the names of Kodi Rama Krishna and Naga Babu and Okayed for this movie. There is no substantial role for her to play. If she continues taking up such roles in this sort of movies, she would be branded as the actress for B grade stuff. Care should be taken by her from now onwards. New actor Dheeraj couldn't make any impact as the character is not projected well. On a whole it's a Naga Bbau's movie. That's all.

Jothi Rana, the lady villain in 'Pokiri' appeared in an item song. The villains are worst as performers and Kodi has failed completely in picking up right faces.

Coming to technical departments, music proves better than any other faculty. Production values are ok and direction proves below average.

It's a movie taken to project political leaders as goondas and people as victims for that. But that hasn't projected in sensible way. The solution shown in the movie is also nothing new and great.

On a whole it turned a mere 'good police vs crooked politicians' fight. Both first half and second half are loosely tangled where the audiences feel boredom many times. It's better than 'Apada Mokkulavaadu' and that's what anyone can say. But certainly it's not a well made film. Kodi Rama Krishna needs to work on how to make a film that entertains and appeals for present day audiences.

The movie need not expect any big laurels at box office. As the budget incurred on it is meager, it may even fall on right side of business.

source: greatandhra

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