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Vinayakudu Movie Review

Film: Vinayakudu
Rating: 3/5
Banner: Prem Movies
Cast: Krishnudu, Sonia, Surya Teja, Poonam Kour, Ankitha etc
Cinematography: PG Vinda
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Music: Sam Prasan
Producer: Sarita Patra
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue and Direction: Sai Kiran Adivi
Released On: 22nd November 2008

There is a mythological story of dwarf god Lord Vinayaka who impresses his parents with his down to earth nature and love to win the position of 'ganadhipatyam'. Here the title 'Vinayakudu' is apt as the obese hero impresses his beautiful lover and wins her heart.


Karthik (Krishnudu), the obese guy joins in an ad designing company. Girls tend to keep him away from them due to his odd personality. He finds a girl Kalpana (Sonia) interesting in that company. She too shuns him initially and also cracks lots of jokes on his physical appearance. But the soft hearted Karthik wins the heart of arrogant Kalpana with his immaculate attitude. Finally, the egoistic Kalpana falls in love with Karthik unknowingly. On the other hand, the love track of Sandhya (Poonam) and Altaf (Surya Tej) runs separately. Shalini (Ankitha) is a character that's used as catalyst to elevate the character of Karthik.

Krishnudu simply excelled in his role as fat Karthik. His Godavari slang has got its originality and ease. All together his performance itself is under played and aptly fitting. He has justified as a crooked egoistic senior student in 'Happy Days' and here in 'Vinayakudu' he pulled sympathy for his character from the audiences.

Sonia looked normal but her magnetism is known for many. She has a lengthy and meaningful role to play in this film as a girl with huge self respect and personal feelings. Well, she proved that her 'noodle like' hair is her trade mark.

Poonam Kour played a naughty urban girl's role. She looked slim and glamorous. Her role is not that substantial in the film and she cannot be called a second-heroine. She is only a friend of heroine.

Cinematographer PG Vinda (as doctor) and Miss Andhra Poonam Kour's mother (as the mother of Sonia's fiancé) have appeared in guest roles.

Technically the movie got enough boost and there is nothing to point mistake. In a couple of scenes the editing cuts appeared to have jumped. It's a director's movie on a whole where he has rightly handled the departments of dialogues and screenplay as well.


It' a well written, well handled and in one line to say' a well made movie'. The tempo appears to be slow but the screenplay is touching. The 'feel good' appeal is not missed either in first half or second half. Comedy is intertwined with the main story and that breathes a fresh feel.

The characters and characterizations in the movie appeal for youngsters, the content in the movie appeals for all age groups from kids to old lot. Director Sai Kiran Adivi deserves appreciation on a whole, although committed tiny flaw. Viz., the motive of the director is to show that main lead Karthik as obese by hereditary. That's not established fully as it has contradicted with the scenes where he was shown a glutton. Ignoring such logics beside, the film gives a pleasant, hilarious, sentimental and touching experience.

The film appealed well for mass audiences as well for the humorous content glued in the movie.

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