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Ravi Babu's Nachavule (2008) Review

Film: Nachchaavule
Rating: 3/5
Cast: Tanish, Madhavi Latha, Kasi Vishwanath, Raksha, Narasimha, Naveen, Kamesh etc
PRO: Venu Gopal
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Dialogue: Ravi Babu
Action: Kanal Kannan
Art: Narayana Reddy
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla
Choreography: Nixon
Camera: Sudhakar Reddy
Music: Sekhar Chandra
Screenplay: Satyanand
Producer: Ramoji Rao
Director: Ravi Babu
Released On: 19 Dec 2008

The film 'Nachchaavule' turned heads with posters. Two monkeys and two puppets have promoted the movie from posters and the crowds have turned up in good number. That's a rare promotion stunt and is the film in tune with anticipation. Let us go into details.


The story starts with the narration of a young man without his face on screen. Lavkumar (Tanish) wishes to have girl friend since his childhood. His love for girl friends grows big as he grows older. But he finds no right girl.

In the process he happens to meet a girl Anu (Madhavi Latha) and some dramatic sequences develops friendship between them. Lavkumar asks Anu to be his girl friend and the latter agrees with some conditions. But the girl herself breaks the conditions and falls into deep love with the boy. How things turn from there.

How Lavkumar changes after friendship with Anu? Who is right and who is wrong? How the relation affects them and how that culminates in climax has to be watched on screen.


New actors Tanish and Madhavi Latha did well in their roles. Madhavi Latha has got sharpness in features as well as in performance. She may shine well if given opportunities. Tanish is good and he gave out reasonable performance in first attempt. He acted well in pathos scenes as well.

Narasimha as hero's friend got reasonable role in first half. Kasi Vishwanath, who acted as hero's father portrayed a levelheaded role. Raksha was seen in a middle class mother's role. Kamesh is ok in the role of heroine's father. Naveen, the guy who acted as villain is ok.

Coming to technical departments and other faculties Bhaskarabhatla's first song 'Pavu thakkuva thommidi…' is enjoyed by masses and youth. Music is reasonable but not outstanding and haunting. Screenplay is rational and appears to have done with attention to detail.

Director Ravi Babu gave a balanced film this time. He has been showing his abilities in handing all sorts of genres. Initially he entered with rocking comedy films like 'Allari' and gave a twist with horror flick 'Anasuya' and now a pathos entertainer 'Nachchavule'.


Ravi Babu made a sincere attempt to bring awareness for youngsters and parents regarding the conditions prevailing in society in the name of 'social moving' and 'boy friend culture'. He has shown his brilliance in narration and sensibility in dialogue writing. First half runs with good pace while second half appears little heavier with sentiment and emotion. But still the second half holds right grip. The climax would have concluded on the hospital stretcher itself. Concluding the movie with a general 'cool climax' without any tragic affect has diluted the purpose to some extent. The impact would have been better had there been some tragic feel at the end for this flick.

The negative impact of boy friend- girl friend culture, misuse of cell phone cameras among youth, irresponsible nature of youngsters are aptly taken on to celluloid by the director. He has tried to teach a moral lesson indirectly which is indeed a need for today's society. Within in the narration he has also shown how a husband should love his wife and how a young man should be responsible towards his family as well as the tender feelings of the people those love him.

The title, promotion and the content are sensible and in tune with contemporary time.

Source: Great Andhra

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