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Posani's MENTAL KRISHNA (2009) Telugu Movie Review


Rating: 1/5

Banner: Mohan Media Creations

Cast: Posani Krishna Murali, Satya Krishna, Brahmanandam, M S, Giri Babu, Ranganath, Naga Babu, Raghu Babu, Brahmaji and others

Cinematogrphy: G Sridhar

Director: Posani Krishna Murali

Producer: Mohan Vadlapatla

Release date: January 01, 2009


A pathetic tale, the story begins with Satya (Satya) who wants to get admission into ISB but fails the exam and on the other hand, the milkman who supplies milk gets through. For some reason, Satya falls in love with him and exactly at the time of marriage, he backs off due to personal reasons. At this point of time, Satya's parents are on the verge of breakdown when Satya's family friends intervene and persuade her to get married to Muddu Krishna (Posani) who has already seen Satya before and is keen on having her. Satya likes Krishna's nature and agrees for the marriage but much to her horror, she discovers that Krishna is actually an impotent and he is also a homosexual with a lover (Raghu Babu). From then on, hell begins for Satya as Krishna keeps suspecting her for every small thing and tortures her in every possible way. How does she overcome all that? Is there a solution for this? All this forms the rest of the story.


The director has come out with a pathetic subject and true to its genre, the narration is nasty and the presentation is equally embarrassing. The dialogues are dirty, the script was written shoddily and the screenplay was terrible. Music suited the situation and songs were a letdown. Though the camera was meant to be steady cam technology, there was really nothing special in the angles or the visual presentation. Most of it was indoors so locations were not a problem. Posani has fitted the bill portraying a sadistic role and he looks like one. Satya was immensely sexy but then she has tarnished her image by opting for a sleazy role like this. Brahmanandam did his bit mechanically, M S Narayana was regular, the seniors like Giri Babu, Ranganath, Delhi Rajeswari and others did their bit. The others need no mention here.


One really fails to understand how such movies pass through the censors. Right from the word start till the end, the entire movie is a presentation of how best sadism can be shown but then there is no message for the audience or not anything worthwhile to learn except a sleazy show of disgusting bedroom talk by a mentally deranged person. The film by no means is for the women audience or the family audience, perhaps the core front benchers also might find this to be a very confusing story to digest.


Source: Bharat Student

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