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Andhamaina Abaddham Review : By GreatAndhra.com

Film: Andamaina Abadhdham
Rating: 2/5

Banner: Mega Hindustan Movies
Cast: Raja, Kamna Jethmalani, Nagababu, Nizhalgal Ravi, MS, Ali, Naresh, Sudharani, Surekha Vani and others
Music: M M Srilekha
Camera: Ram Pinisetty
Director: Raviraja Pinisetty
Producers: P P Reddy, Kesavaraju, J Ramanamurthy
Release date: 05/12/2008

A routine romance with a twist, the story begins with the love birds Pradeep (Raja) and Vaishnavi(Kamna) in Bangkok and their romance is noticed by Naidu (Naresh) and he happens to be the close friend of Raghuram(Nagababu), Vaishnavi's father in India.

Immediately he informs him of this and since Raghuram has not seen Pradeep's picture, Pradeep sends a different picture of his friend Shyam (Ali) and from there on, he works out a plan in such a way that his family meets up with Raghuram's family through coincidence and later, his father (Nizhalgal Ravi) meets Raghuram and soon both families get together.

Even the engagement of Pradeep is fixed with Vaishnavi under dramatic situations. However, the truth is revealed about Pradeep's plan. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Raja is one man who seems to be following the path of Uday Kiran given his mild performance. He needs to put in more energy in his body language and dialogue delivery.

His performance is becoming a bit repetitive. Kamna has got enough voluptuous beauty and nativity to keep the Telugu audience pleased and there was nothing wrong with her performance. Nagababu has lived upto his role effectively and his dialogue delivery has been top notch. Nizhalgal Ravi looks classy in his performance and he has a strong potential in Tollywood. Naresh has delivered a good performance, he is effective. M S and Ali have provided some share of comedies.

The others did their bit to add value to the movie. The special song having Rachana Mourya has been a visual feast and she certainly has the smoothness and tenderness that might give Mumaith Khan a run for her money.

The film had a regular romantic tale and though the plot has been visited few times, it was essential that the script must be maintained tightly and that was missing atleast during the first half. The dialogues were just about okay and there was nothing punchy or special about it.

Music has come out with some impressive tunes but then most of them happen to be lifts from western and Hindi beats. Luckily, they were not haphazard and did not break the rhythm of the film. Though the film did not have any shock moments or some really touching scenes, it carried on with a decent pace. The film did not take off on that convincing note but later on it picked up some momentum and by the time the second half came in, the maturity of the director came in.

This could be a good tale for those interested in family dramas and television serials cut short into a film. Technically, there are no flaws but at the same time nothing special to talk about, commercially the film will need a lot of word of mouth to take it to the audience else it will sink in no time.

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