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At present the entry of Cine industry is so easy.But in olden days that was not so easy.In starting period most of the actors and technicians came from stage,all ready they were having experience and reorganization in audians.So they were entered easily. Who were recognized as a great actors,singers,technicians and dancers were faced so many problems for entry.

L.V.Prasad,Ghantasala,Relangi,Mahadevan etc.were faced so many problems in starting period.Vempati Satyam also faced so many problems.Finally he proved his talent.He was the first dance director for telugu cine industry.That picture was Bhakti mala in 1941.He worked as dance director about 300 films.”Eruvaka sagaro” song dance lead Waheeda Rahaman in to lime light.L.Vijayalakshmi,Rajasulochana et. Were popularized by Satyam dance direction.He trained N.T.R for bruhannala character in Nartanasala.He was the master for so many dance directors.


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Miscellaneous Crew:

1. Chhoti Bahu (1971) (choreographer) (as Vempati Satyam)
2. Bhakta Prahlada (1967/II) (choreographer)
3. Narthanasala (1963) (choreographer)
4. Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam (1961) (choreographer)
5. Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam (1960) (choreographer)
6. Jayabheri (1959) (choreographer)
7. Suvarna Sundari (1957/I) (choreographer)
8. Bhagya Rekha (1957) (choreographer)
9. Panduranga Mahatyam (1957) (choreographer)
10. Charana Daasi (1956) (choreographer)


1. Sri Venkateswara Mahatmyam (1960) .... Maha Siva

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