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Date of Birth:
1902, Repalle Taluk, Andhra Pradesh, India
Date of Death:
1968 more
Father of Samudrala Jr. more
Alternate Names:
Samudrala Senior

He was a famous writer in early telugu industry. He worked as a writer for so many mythological, historical, socio-fantasy and social movies. His style of writing was using common language in cinemas. This impressed the public. He wrote about 1000s of songs which deals with heroism, devotion and romance, mythological, sorrow and humor. He expressed, “the poet will write all types of songs”. He tried to use people’s language in films and succeeded in that. He didn’t complete his secondary education, but he read so many books and got knowledge.

He was born in Guntur dist.and studied at vijayawada., At that time gudavalli rambranham was running a stationary shop (Friend & co) at Vijayawada. Acharya had worked as an assistant editor in “Prajamitra”, which was organized by Gudavalli. Gudavalli shifted the “Prajamitra” from Vijayawada to Madras. So acharya also shifted to Madras. At Madras he met so many cine people and entered in film industry as a writer in Kanakatara in 1938. People say that Philosophy and devotional writings were his specialties. In his cine life he respected all Directors, Producers and technicians and he got same honor from them.

He directed a film in 1957, “Vinayaka chavti” in which NTR acted as a hero.

Jump to filmography as: Writer, Director, Producer, Music Department

1. Bhakta Prahlada (1967/I) (writer)
2. Shri Krishna Pandaviyam (1966) (writer)
3. Pandava Vanavasam (1965) (writer)
4. Babruvahana (1964) (dialogue) (story)
5. Narthanasala (1963) (adaptation) (dialogue)
6. Lava Kusa (1963/I) (writer)
7. Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam (1961) (dialogue)
8. Batasari (1961) (adaptation) (dialogue)
9. Bhookailas (1958) (writer)
10. Sarangadhara (1957) (adaptation) (dialogue)
11. Vinayaka Chaviti (1957) (writer)
12. Jayam Manade (1956) (dialogue) (story)
13. Jayasimha (1955) (dialogue) (story)
14. Bratuku Theruvu (1953) (dialogue) (story)
15. Devadasu (1953) (dialogue and screen adaptation)
16. Navvite Navaratnalu (1951) (writer)
17. Swapna Sundari (1950) (writer)
18. Mana Desam (1949) (dialogue)
19. Laila Majnu (1949/I) (adaptation) (dialogue)
20. Palnati Yudham (1947) (dialogue) (screen adaptation)
21. Ratnamala (1947) (writer)
22. Yogi Vemana (1947) (writer) (as Samudrala Senior)
23. Garuda Garvabhangam (1943) (dialogue)
24. Bhakta Potana (1942) (story and dialogue) (as Samudrala Senior)
25. Devatha (1941) (dialogue)
26. Sumangali (1940) (dialogue)
27. Vande Mataram (1939) (dialogue)
28. Grihalakshmi (1938) (writer)


1. Babruvahana (1964)
2. Bhakta Raghunath (1960)
3. Vinayaka Chaviti (1957)


1. Devadasu (1953) (producer) (uncredited)
2. Shanti (1952) (producer) (uncredited)
3. Strisahasam (1951/I) (producer) (uncredited)

Music Department:

1. Bhakta Raghunath (1960) (playback singer)

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