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Art: KV Ramana.
Cinematography: PG Vinda.
Editing: V. Nagi Reddy.
Music: Vijay Kurakula.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Producer & Direction: Neelakanta.
Co-producer: Rama Devi.
Presenter: T. Karunasree.
Banner: Blue Sky Films.
Release Date: 7th July, 2006.
Ajay Varma,
Kota Srinivasa Rao,
Talluri Rameshwari,
Goutham Raju,
Prabhu and Others.
There are very few directors who, even if they can get bigger stars to act for them, will quietly opt for all-new talent. One example is RGV. The National award winning director, Neelakanta is back after his last release, a dud called 'Sada Mee Sevalo'. But after starting with two successful ventures, this innovative director is back with a bang, following his erstwhile off-beat path. Nandanavanam 120 kms is an interesting storyline, although tried and tested before; Neelakanta touches an emotional chord with this self-proclaimed 'emotional thriller'.

Plot Amar D. Fredericks (Ajay Varma) is a small time con man. Benerjee (Kota) meets him at a pub one day and tells him there is a small job for which he will get 1 crore. Tempted, Amar lets Benerjee lead him to the place-Nandanavanam, an estate owned by a rich family. Their son, Sandeep looks exactly like Amar, and Amar's job is to act like Sandeep and forge his sign on documents in favor of Benerjee, the family's auditor. Amar is reluctant, but agrees.

He becomes affectionate towards the large family including Sandeep's widowed mother (Talluri Rameshwari), his NRI sister (Surekhavani), brother-in-law and their daughter, his uncle and aunt and their sons. A childhood friend and potential bride for Sandeep, Divya (Maanasa) enters the scene and Amar falls for her despite warnings from Benerjee. As the situation gets complicated, Amar grows suspicious of Benerjee's intentions and confesses his real identity to his family. Sandeep's misgivings come out, while Amar digs out all the skeletons in his closet, realizing one unbelievable truth.

Story, Screenplay & Direction The story is interesting and the script is well-written. The screenplay happens to be the highlight of the movie. Neelakanta's direction is slow-paced and he helps raise the element of thrill with the help of background music. The mystery is kept under wraps till the climax and once that starts unraveling, it becomes predictable.

There was a spate of movies like this one after another. Issues like Kleptomania and MPD have surfaced time and again, recent examples being Anniyan and Chandramukhi. But don't worry, the lead does not have MPD for a change. It is an interesting plot. But there are times where you want the narration to go faster and that are the only drawback of the movie. The pace is kept slow deliberately to create that air of a thriller, but sometimes it drags.

Performances Ajay Verma is good, but a little raw-obviously, it is his debut flick. His reactions are a little slow and his body language slightly awkward at times. Still, it is a performance which deserves a pat in the back, since it is a very difficult job that this boy has. The entire plot is based on him and he had to carry the movie along.

Maanasa (granddaughter of G. Varalakshmi) is okay-she doesn't have much to do. Kota Srinivas Rao proves his acting prowess again with this movie, that with a sensible director he can emote so subtly, look so villainous without having to ham or overact.

Kudos to Neelakanta for letting Kota act for a change, instead of all those roles he dons where this seasoned performer, unfortunately, has to ham and do all kinds of buffoonery. Naresh, on the other hand, gives an unnatural performance, as if he wasn't comfortable on the sets. Surekhavani as Sandeep's sister looks smart in a boy-cut and performs well. Rameshwari does her bit as the grieving old mother, but no actor in the movie commits the crime of melodrama.

And the verdict is.. Newcomers for the lead characters, song-less, no fights and stunts, and no lengthy dialogues. Risky? Possibly. Refreshing-definitely. If you are bored of the routine 5 song-5 fights-2 heroines-1 demigod hero kind of movies, then this one is for all of you. The movie is watchable, and the performances are subtle and never melodramatic.

The lead actor does a good job considering it is his debut, but his skills need polishing, which come with time. Remember Neelakanta's Show? This movie is almost as good as that one, although slightly less original. The presentation feels like it is a Hollywood wannabe, but the emotional undertone is thankfully Indian, which is what really keeps the interest level going till the end. Not a masterpiece, but truly a good and fearless attempt.

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