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Nagabhushanam was very busy star in both cinema and dramas in his career.From 1962 to 1980 he was created a trend in telugu cinemas.His dialogue delivery and action was very different.He was played “Rakta kanneru”drama about 2000 times in all over country.After death of Nagabhushanam so many comedians try to imitate his dialogue delivery and action.He played soft villionism in cinemas.He was played villion characters as well as character roles with all stars of his career.He was from kavali,nellore district.


1. Neti Bharatam (1983)
2. Gadasari Attaha Sosagara Kodalu (1981)
3. Jathara (1980)
4. Gopala Rao Gari Ammayi (1980) .... Gajapathi Raju
5. Adavi Ramudu (1977)
6. Andala Ramudu (1973) .... J.B.
7. Chelleli Kapuram (1971)
8. Dasara Bullodu (1971)
9. Balaraju Katha (1970)
10. Jai Jawan (1970)
11. Aadarsa Kutumbam (1969)
12. Aatmiyulu (1969) .... Justice Rajaram
13. Buddhimanthudu (1969) .... Seshayya
14. Natakalarayudu (1969)
15. Ranabheri (1968)
16. Varakatnam (1968) .... Meesala Venkaiah

17. Mooga Manasulu (1963)
18. Bhishma (1962) .... Parasurama
19. Manchi Manasulu (1962)
20. Bhookailas (1958) .... Lord Shiva
21. Chenchu Lakshmi (1958/I)
22. Maya Bazaar (1957/I) .... Satyaki
23. Bhagya Rekha (1957)
24. Edi Nijam (1956) .... Kondaiah
25. Rechukka (1954)
26. Palletooru (1952) .... Kondaiah

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