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Talluri Rameshwari , dusky and demure, became an overnight star, thanks to the endearing role in Dulhan Jo wahi Piya Man Baye, which triggered the Barjatyas to make simple family films. The characters she played were very distinctive, likable and interesting and she was known for her amazing ability to light up a scene with her smile and emoting with her eyes. Multi-tasking in Mumbai, Rameshwari who is married to a Punjabi and a mother to two teenaged boys says that she is dying to act in a Telugu film and actually begged Neelakanta for a role in Nandanavanam 120km. Remind her of those famous numbers Maavighiguru Tinagane and Seetalu Singaaram from her famous Telugu flick Seetamalakshmi and she giggles, "my children keep asking me why people all over the world keep bursting into seethalu...the moment they see me. Chandramohan still calls me Seetalu. Though my first release was in Hindi, I owe everything to this film. The theme of how a young village girl turns into a sophisticated film star still intrigues many. Recently Vishwanath garu remarked that he didn't realise that Seetamalakshmi would end up being a classic while he made it."

Adoring family
About her sabbatical she says, "I wasn't offered films in the first place and when it did come my way, both the times I was visibly pregnant. Now I want to act in good projects with good directors and I have promised myself not to make any mistakes. I think I can streak my hair grey or pass off as a 30 ,40 or 50 year old, but definitely not a 60 year old. All this only if I like the subject." Rameshwari has been busy all through and has a wonderful family to support her. She has done the serial Chamatkar and has produced a Punjabi film which will be releasing on July 14. "I might not have acted in many films. I have not made a lot of money, I haven't bagged many awards, but I have a supporting sister, a great husband, lovely children who consider me to be their fulcrum of existence," she quips.

Going down memory lane the actress says, "I am from West Godavari and spent my entire childhood in Kakinada. After ten days of shooting here, I went to meet my relatives and I felt so good. There's hardly anything or anyone in Mumbai to remind me that I'm from Andhra. I just took a trip to the Municipal Girls High School and god, everything has changed beyond recognition." About director Neelakanta and his film, she says, "I'm looking forward to a great experience. At the end of the film you will know how well crafted it is. He knows exactly what he wants and he is such a sweetheart. There is something in the person— be it integrity or discipline...the goodness transcends itself on screen."

Though Rameshwari hasn't completed her academics, she is well read and speaks many languages fluently. Blessed with a great sense of humour, she is forever seen in an upbeat mood. Tell her that she shares her birthday with Kapil Dev, she laughs, "That's common, but don't I speak better English than him? And also, Howard Hughes who's born on January 6, is a hypochondriac!" Well, very few performers can take an ordinary or above average script and make the movie stand out and make you want to see it again. Rameshwari is one of the few actresses who has that ability


1. Bunty Aur Babli (2005) .... Mrs. Trivedi

2. Nijam (2003) (as Rameshwari Talluri) .... Seetaram's mother

3. Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahein (2002) .... Shanti

4. Charnon Ki Saugandh (1988) .... Laxmi

5. Hum Farishte Nahin (1988) .... Komal (Gopi's girlfriend)

6. Chinnodu Peddodu (1988) (as Rameshwari Talluri)
7. Bhai Ka Dushman Bhai (1986)

8. Mujhe Kasam Hai (1985)

9. Ek Naya Itihas (1984)

10. Maan Maryada (1984) .... Pooja Singh/Pooja A. Kumar

11. Aadat Se Majboor (1982) .... Salma (aka Shanti)

12. Waqt-Waqt Ki Baat (1982)

13. Agni Pareeksha (1981) .... Meeta

14. Sharada (1981) .... Sharda, Inder's wife

15. Aasha (1980) .... Mala

16. Maan Abhiman (1980) .... Mallika Sumer Singh

17. Saajan Mere Main Saajan Ki (1980)

18. Sampark (1979) .... Champa

19. Sunayana (1979) .... Sunayana

20. Mera Rakshak (1978)

21. Seetamalakshmi (1978) (as Rameshwari Talluri) .... Seetalu

22. Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye (1977) .... Kammo/Rita

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It is a pity that a remarkable actress and person like Rameshwari is not flooded with roles that are of women leaders and inspirational.The smarter younger bunch of directors and producers should take the lead in taking on the projects with Rameshwari that will put them on the World map, not just in Tollywood or Bollywood.

Anonymous said...

After watching Dulhann, I was so madly infatuated with Rameswari. Or was it her portrayal of the character? Can't say for sure. I was only seventeen!

Hope she makes some good films. Wouldn't mind watching what my old flame looks like!

Anonymous said...

You know what would be a smashing idea? A movie with Rameshwari and Amitabh. They have never been paired to star in a movie before. With a good modern story it would be phenomenal.


Where are all the forward thinking Telugu producers and directors. How can they let a face and talent like Rameshwari away from Telugu screen this long?

Anonymous said...

After watching Movie Maan Abhiman, She is by very very Talented Actress, So i hope in future she will make good movies.

S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SS Nathawat said...

Hello Mam,
I miss you always, you are my only love on this globe!

SS Nathawat said...

Hello Mam,
beta Taxap is doing dance very nicely so give him chance to proove his talent in front of your greatself.Taxap 09915778774

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