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Yuvaraju (2000)

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Arts Film
Music: Ramana Gogula
Dialogues: Chintapally Ramana
Camera: Ajay Vincent
Story - Screenplay - Direction: YVS Chowdary
Producer: Burugapally Sivarama Krishna
Release date: 14th April 2000
Cast: ,
Mahesh Babu,
Sakshi Sivanand,
Master Teja
Story: Srinivas(Mahesh Babu) just returns to India and joins a college in Hyderabad. There is this sexy dame called Srivalli(Saakshi Sivand) that attracts him with her looks. As we proceed a little bit we come to know that there is a friend for Srivalli called Vamsi(Venkat) in abroad whom she regards as her best friend and keeps him close to her heart as when a plane crashed 20 years back these two are the only survivors of the tragedy(Anybody listening?). Sreenivas also realizes that Srivally is a founder member of Shanti Nilayam and she is an avid social service activist. She do not reveal these two facts(One: She has no parents Two: She runs a orphanage) to any of her collegemates as she do not want to get their sympathy. Finally Srnivas and Srivalli comes to know that they are in love with eachother. They break the news followed by a lavish engagement ceremony. For the placid viewers then comes the excitement in the form of Srilata(Simran) who arrives in nick of time to attend the engagement. Srivalli comes to know that these guys know eachother in abroad from the brief observation at her engagement ceremony. Upon inquiring Srinivas admits that Srilata was his tour guide when he visited Europe. They do not share any other relationship than being good friends. Later on we come to know that Srilata has a kid called Teja(Harsha Vardan). Srilata admits to Sreenivas that her husband has left her. Meantime, the deprived son Teja shares deep bond with Sreenivas. As the day of wedding is approaching fast, the thick plots unveils by Sreenivas suspecting that there is something fishy about Srilata. When he forces her to admit the story behind her marriage then Srilata confesses that when Sreenivas visited Europe, they happened to get blown with the magic liquid that was given by tribals out there. In the state of inebriation, the body chemistry worked out and the inevitable happened. It was only realized when Srilata came to know that she has become pregnant after three months. In fact, Srilata loved Sreenivas with all her heart. So she decided to give birth to the kid and see Sreenivas in him/her. That's how Teja came onto earth kicking and alive. Incidentally Teja happen to listen this confession between Sreenivas and Srilata. Now the situation is clear. A happy Srivalli is getting ready for the eventful day of her life, wedding with Sreenivas. Sreenivas is in fix to decide why it happened to him(He had a kid as a result of the magic tribal liquor consumed and the acts there after). Srilata happened to meet Sreenivas accidentally on the day of his engagement. She cannot break the engagement and spoil the happiness of Srinivas. Teja knows that Sreenivas is his father. But he cannot call him his father as he promised his mother that he won't let Sreenivas know that Teja knows the fact. Meantime Vamsi is flying down to India and propose his love to Srivalli.

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