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Oke Okkadu (1999)

Cinematography: Anand
Special Effects: Venki
Art: Thota Tharani
Music: AR Rehman
Story - Screenplay - Direction: Shankar
Producer: Surya Movies
Release Date: 9th November 1999
Cast: Arjun,
Manisha Koirala,
Laila and Sushmita Sen (Guest Appearance)
Story: Purushottam (Arjun) is a handsome, both mentally and physically, cameraman at Qtv. Chowdary (Raghuvaran) is the CM of the state. He believes that his CM chair has four legs (namely money lenders, caste, gross root workers of the party and students). In order to pacify all these groups, he has to make lots of compromises in his administration. There by his indecisiveness leads to riots and discontent among the people. Purushottam spots the village belle Chandramukhi (Manisha Koirala) and duly falls in love with her. But father of the Chandramukhi wants his daughter to marry a govt. employee than a TV cameraman. As he is a cameraman, Purushottam cans all these riots and rescues the people. As Purushottam report on the riots become popular, he is given promotion as a senior reporter. And his first assignment turns out to be an interview with the CM of the state, Chowdary. In that spirited interview Purushottam questions the CM's non-transparent functionality. When CM refutes back that Purushottam is misusing media to malign him, Purushottam shows all the evidence. A piqued CM he is, Chowdary challenges Purushottam to act as CM for a day. Only then one can understand the immense pressure of being CM. After much deliberation Purushottam accepts the offer. Chowdary passes an ordinance to make Purushottam CM for a day by giving his resignation letter and the letter of support by his MLA's. Purushottam starts his day as CM with having a meeting with civil servants (IAS and IPS). He instructs all the officers to dig out all the files on corrupt officials and he duly suspends all of them on the spot. He gives surprise inspections to various places (slums, ration shops etc.) and solves the problems instantly. He organizes a live tele conference with the people of state and solve their problems on the spot. By the end of the he makes the 12 ministers of Chowdary get arrested. The icing on the cake turn out to be the arrest of Chowdary itself at the dusk of the day. As the media covers all the movements of Purushottam and broadcasts live on all the channels, Purushottam becomes the icon of god governance and a ray of hope to the people. Incidentally Chowdary's decision to play the ball into Purushottam's hand turns out to be a blunder and the closure of Chowdary's political career. After Chowdary resumes power as CM, he gets dumped as a no-confidence motion is passed. Fresh elections are announced. Muddu Krishna (Manivannan) is a secretary to CM. He plays a vital role in bringing Purushottam, who otherwise is reluctant, into the active politics by making him realize the importance of being a constructive politician. Purushottam's party wins all the seats in the state. After getting elected Purushottam implements innovative ideas. Chowdary and other leaders start cooking up ideas to assassinate Purushottam. If you wanna know how Purushottam wins over evil minded Chowdary and marries his village belle Chandramukhi, you must watch this fill in tinsel screen with good sound equipment.

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