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Kodanda Ramudu (2000)

Choreography: Narayana (Debutante) and Tara ('Kodanda Ramuduki')
Photography: Sarat
Music: SV Krishna Reddy
Dialogues: Divakar Babu
Story, Screenplay & Direction: SV Krishna Reddy
Producer: Rama Krishna Reddy
Release Date: 1st January 2000


Story: Ramu (Chakri) is a tour guide at Araku Valley, who is deeply in love with Mounika (Rambha). Mounika is a citybred 'practical' girl. She thinks love is a tool that people use to fulfill their materialistic needs. She believes that Ramu is faking her with his artificial love. Ramu loves Mounika sincerely. Mounika encourages Ramu to love her overtly and makes a fool of him covertly. Fueled by the encouragement Mounika gave him, Ramu expresses his love to her. She deftly rejects him and insults him. Enraged Ramu challenges Mounika that she will come back to him and beg him to marry her. Annual celebrations are going on in Araku and a dance troop consisting of 'Latha'(Laya) come to Araku to exhibit their song/dance talents. Latha starts liking Ramu. Mounika comes to know that Latha is the daughter of one of the richest Indians on the earth. As Latha gets emotionally closer to Ramu, Mounika starts repenting about her decision to reject Ramu. Mounika comes back to Ramu and begs him to accept her love and marry her. Ramu rejects Mounika with uttermost professionalism of a lover. A dejected lover she is, Mounika resorts to the last ditch attempt. That is to go for a suicide. If you want to know what happens in the climax, you gotta watch this film on a big silver screen.

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