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Postman (2000)

Photography: KS Prakash
Music: Vandematharam Srinivas
Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers
Story: Vishnuvardhan Babu
Screenplay & Direction: Muppalaneni Siva
Producer: Dr Mohan Babu
Release Date: 13th January 2000
Dr Mohan Babu,
Kota Srinivasa rao
Story: Vishnu(Mohan Babu) is a postman in Hyderabad. He is the caring guy around and everybody loves him, naturally. He has a maternal uncle called Ramkoti(Kota), who occupied Vishnu's ancestral house after the death of Vishnu's parents. Vishnu Stays in a pathetic structure that is built on the top of Ramakoti's house. Ramakoti has a beautiful daughter called Sirisha(Raasi). Sirisha adulates Vishnu and wants in marry him. Postman is rather a curious guy. He would be boozing every night. And reading the letters of others and accordingly deliver them in such a way that it will help the receiver. Whenever Sirisha expresses her wish to marry him, Vishnu gives an elusive reply that he has a dream girl and he will marry her. One fine morning Vishnu brings a beautiful girl to his house. She is Archana(Soundarya). He introduces Archana to everybody and reveals that she is his fiancee. Ramakoti wants Vishnu to marry his daughter. After a bit of research he comes to know that Archana is just released from a jail. When confronted Vishnu admits that Archana was jailed. Vishnu elaborates his relationship with Archana. Archana is an inmate of an Orphan house, whom he meets when he go there to deliver a packet. Impressed with her inner beauty Vishnu meets her more often and understands her well. When he goes to deliver Archana another packet, it blows up in the Orphan house. Since Archana is the receiver of the packet bomb, she is arrested for the offense. Vishnu takes care of her by meeting her regularly in the jail. After a few visits he gets a letter from Archana that she is suffering with blood cancer. After knowing the fact Vishnu takes a bail for Archana on the grounds of her health and takes her to his house. After the flashback is over, the envying family of Ramkoti turns sympathetic to her. Sirisha wants Vishnu to marry Archana. Upon the instance from Ramakoti's family Archana and Vishnu agree to get married. Then the story leads to the most heart touching climax. You must watch this film on the bigger screen to find out what is there in store for you in the climax.

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