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Annayya (2000)

Photography: Chota K Naidu
Choreography: Laurance, Brinda and Tara
Music: Mani Sharma
Dialogues: Satyanand
Story: Bhupati Raja
Screenplay & Direction: Muthyala Subbaiah
Producer: Dr Venkateswara Rao
Release Date: 7th January 2000
Ravi Teja,
Bhupendar and Kota

Story: This film starts with Rajaram(Chiranjeevi) doing a fight with the labor exploiter (Bhupendar). As they fight their muscles out, the damsel of the town Devi, a garment manufacturer, falls in love with Rajaram at first sight. After a preliminary fight and sensuous introduction between the lead pair we come to know that Rajaram is a owner of 40 lorries and is the person who came up in life with pure hardwork and the unmatched professionalism. Devi's love towards him grows after knowing the background of Rajaram. As Devi is experiencing the feeling being in love with a manly guy for the first time, our Rajaram has a twin to talk with and share his feeling.
That guy is the whacky Atmaram(Chiranjeevi). As and when Rajaram needs some tips in love, our Atmaram appears from nowhere to help him out. Then the first song of the film, 'Himaseemallo Hello' follows. Canned in the picturesque locales of Newzealand, this song has got few sensible slow steps. After the song is over, Rajaram's home is shown. That is a closely knitted family consisting of three brothers (Rajaram, Krishna and Gopi) and an elderly babai (Kota Sreenivasa Rao). Rajaram's parents expired at an early stage. Hence Rajaram brought up his brothers with uttermost care and unending love. Being the pampered kids, its natural that the younger brothers turn out to be wayward. They start teasing the sisters(Sishwa and Chandini) of Devi. After a few petty quarrels, they realize that they are in love with each other. Rajaram and Devi had taken vow (individually) to not get married till their siblings marriage is over. After knowing that his brothers are in love with the sisters of Devi, Rajaram visits Devi's place to talk to her about his plans for brothers marriage. Thinking that Rajaram came to express his love to her, Devi treats Rajaram in a special way. But when she realizes that Rajaram's intention is to marry the Devi's sisters off to his brothers, her mood takes an U turn. She tells Rajaram boldly that she is unwilling let her sisters marry drunkards. Rajaram tries to convince Devi, in vein. Rajaram tells Devi that his brothers will marry her sisters anyway. Babai gives Rajaram a realistic picture about the notorious reputation Rajaram's younger brothers are carrying in the town. And makes him realize that he should try out something to change the attitude of his brothers. Rajaram takes his brothers to a temple on his birthday and makes them vow that they would never touch the liquor again. Rajaram makes his brothers work in his lorry office and makes them won the laurels of Devi. After a thorough testing and inspection, Devi decides to make the arrangements for the wedding of her siblings with that of Rajaram. Its anybody's guess that this scene is followed a family song(bavalu ....). When the engagement ceremony is about to take off, the brothers of Rajaram falls prey to the sentimental luring of their friends and imbibe the liquor. When they attended the ceremony in a state of inebriation, the hell breaks loose that is followed by Devi walking out in a huff with her sisters and Rajaram beating his brothers with a leather belt. Rajaram throws his brothers out of his house. The pampered little kids finds it hard to survive on their own. Slowly they start a small garage to repair cars. A car manufacturer spots these buds and employs them as modeling engineers in his car manufacturing unit. Rajaram comes to know about the progress his brothers are making and feels very happy about it. When Rajaram meets the car manufacturer to offer his wishes, he comes to know that car manufacturer needs a couple of crores to produce the car designed by the brothers of Rajaram. Rajaram sells off all his property and lends car manufacturer money without taking any surety(is something fishy?) There after the raise of brothers of Rajaram is meteoric and fall of Rajaram is pathetic. At the end, this story takes some expected twists to end well. You have to watch it for yourself to find out the climax.

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