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Banner: Vauhini
Direction-Story: BN Reddy
Screenplay - Camera: Ramanoth
Dialogues - Lyrics: Samudrala Raghavacharya
Music: Chittoor V Nagaiah

Chittoor V Naiagaiah,
Sheshamamba, & Dorai Swamy

This typical vauhini melodrama is made by unit responsible for Rohini's Grihalaxmi(1938). Writer/cameraman Ramanath, designer AK Sekhar, scenarist Samudrala and composer/lead star Chittoor V nagaiah. Mobilizing one of the reformism's main motifs, widow marriage, the film tells of the progressive Satyam (Giri) who is loved by two women: his rustic cousin Parvati (Malathi) and educated, fashionable and rich Saraswathi (Kumari).

When Saraswati realizes that she has been married and widowed as a child, preventing her marrying again, all three protagonists are plugged in to turmoil. Eventually parvathi sacrifices her life so that Sathyam and Saraswathi can marry after all.

Making plentiful use of symbols (e.g. crucifix when Saraswati is the vistim of attempted rape), the film apparently drew inspiration from Telugu reformist writer Kandukuri Veeresalingam Panthulu (1848 - 1919). Nagaiah played a white-hired character called Panthulu. Despite of innovative camera work and several musical hits like Ada Brathuke Madhuram, Pasupukunkuma, the film flopped when first released, almost sinking the Vauhini studio.

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