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# Yuva Chitra
# Narayana Rao, Dasari
# Murari-Naidu

# Narayana Rao, Dasari
Screen Play
# Narayana Rao, Dasari
# taraNi, tOTa
# Mahadevan, K.V
# Suseela, P
# Balasubrahmanyam, S.P
# Achaarya Athreya
# Sri Sri
# Sundara ramamurthy, Veturi

# Krishna Sastri, Devulapalli


# Devadas Kanakala
# Dr. Prabhakara Reddi, M .... Sujatha's father
# Padma, Vakkalanka .... shoban's wife
# Ramana Murthy, J.V .... Shoban's father
# ramAprabha
# Savithri .... Sobhan's mother
# Sobhan Babu
# Sujatha

Yuva Chitra had just been started by Katragadda Murari, and their first venture Sitamahalakshmi was appreciated. For his next venture, he picked a storyline inspired from Manchi Manasulu starring ANR and Savithri. Director Sethu Mahadevan was to wield the megaphone, but differences arose because of the choice of the music director. While Murari wanted KV Mahadevan, director Sethu wanted MS Viswanathan. After a walkout, Dasari was roped in to direct the movie, with script-writer K. Ramalaxmi suggesting the title Gorintaku.

The story goes like this: Ramu's father is a drunkard, who neglects his family. His daughter dies after he beats her once, and Ramu runs away from home. Ramu studies on charity, and in medical college meets Swapna. Ramu tutors Swapna's siblings and lives in her out-house. Swapna is married off to Anand, a London-based doctor who is already married. By the time this fact comes to light, Ramu meets Padma and falls in love. A love triangle ensues, with Swapna finally sacrificing her love and Ramu and Padma come together in the end.

brilliant actress and multi-lingual star.

Dasari was hugely successful and with his own team, but with this movie a different set of technicians were taken. Now for the actors, Shoban Babu was the first and last choice as far as the male lead, Ramu, went. Sujatha who plays the role of Swapna was spotted by the producer in a Tamil movie by K. Balachander. She was in her early twenties, but married with a kid by then. Still, she fit the role and after that she starred in Guppedu Manasulu.

Vakkalanka Padma is singer Vakkalanka Sarala's daughter. When approached for the role of Padma, she had apprehensions regardin
g disrupting her studies-she needn't have worried, the movie was wrapped in less than 2 months!

Saikumar's brother Ravi Shanker played the younger Shoban Babu. The role was extended because of the presence of Savithri, who plays Ramu's mother. In fact, the song Gorintaku Puchindi was shot simply becau
se she was there, and they had to shoot a song on her. The younger Ramu's days are all shot in B&W, mainly for the effect, and also because of how lovely Savithri looks in B&W. The song is extremely famous even today.

Incidentally, although the title was suggested by K. Ramalaxmi, even Dasari liked the title. He was in fact thinking to start a weekly by the same name. Jandhyala was asked to pen the dialogues, but ended up no
t doing so. LV Prasad liked the movie so much he wanted to remake it in Hindi, but he was a tad bit too late. Jitendra, king of remakes, had already bought the rights. Dasari directed the Hindi version too, but it flopped badly in Hindi. In Telugu, on the other hand, the movie and the song with Savithri, is remember even now.


* gorinTA pUcindi kommA lEkunDA
Suseela, P
* kommakommakO sannAyi
Sobhan Babu - Sujatha
* ilAga vacci ...elAga tiirAli mana RuNamelAga tiirAli
Sobhan Babu - Sujatha
* elaa elaa daachaavu alavi kaani anuraagam innaaLLoo

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