Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Directed by;
Kadri Venkata Reddy
Writing credits;
Pingali Nagendra Rao dialogue (story)
Kadri Venkata Reddy adaptation
Produced by;
Nagi Reddy
Original Music by;
Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao
Saluri Rajeshwara Rao
Cinematography by;
Marcus Bartley
Film Editing by;
C.P. Jambulingam
Kalyana Sundaram
Art Direction by;
Madhavapeddi Gokhale
Set Decoration by;
Srinivasan K.
Makeup Department;
Bhaktavatsalam .... makeup designer
Peetambaram .... makeup artist
Production Management;
Jagannath .... production manager
Chalapathi Rao .... production manager
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Nageshwara Rao C. .... assistant director
Art Department;
Gopal .... chief moulder
Kalaadhar .... art
Sound Department;
A. Krishnan .... sound
Sivaram V. .... sound
Camera and Electrical Department;
Vrishabendraiah .... still photographer
Music Department;
Krishna Murthy A. .... orchestra
Krishnaveni Jikki .... playback singer
Vasantha Kumari M.L. .... playback singer
Leela P. .... playback singer
Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao .... playback singer
Rushyendramani .... playback singer
Madhavapeddi Satyam .... playback singer
P. Susheela .... playback singer
Other crew;
Gopinath .... choreographer: dance direction
Jayaram .... jewellery
Nageswara Rao K. publicist
Murthy K.S.N. .... background paint
Sengupta N.C. .... processing
Krishnamurthi Pasumarti .... choreographer: dance direction

Rama Rao Taraka Nandamuri ... Lord Krishna
S.V. Ranga Rao ... Ghatotkajudu
Savitri ... Sasirekha
Nageshwara Rao Akkineni ... Abhimanyu
Rushyendramani ... Subhadra
Seeta Rama Anjaneyulu Chilakalpudi ... Sakhuni
Relangi Venkatramaiah ... Laxmana Kumarudu
Gummadi ... Balarama
Sandhya ... Rukmini
Chaya Devi ... Revathi
Suryakantham ... Hidimbi
Nagabhushanam ... Satyaki
Ramana Reddy ... Chinnamaya
Mukkamala ... Dhuryodhana
Mikkilineni ... Karna
Anand ... Young Abhimanyu (as Master Anand)
Nageswara Rao R. ... Dushyasanudu
Saraswathi ... Young Sasirekha (as Baby Saraswathi)
Balakrishna ... Sarathi
Chadalavada ... Lambu
Rajani ... Bhanumathi
Narasimha Rao Kanchi ... Lord Krishna in disguise (in the song 'atu nene itu nene')
Allu Ramalingaiah ... Sarma
Madhavapeddi Satyam ... Daaruka
Vangara ... Sastri
Rama Murthy Nalla ... Jambu
Bezawada Rajarathnam ... Yashoda (in the song Vinnava Yashodamma)
Babji ... Chinni Krishnudu (as Master Babji in the song Vinnava Yashodamma)
Seeta (as Sita)
Saroj Khan ... Dancer (as Saroja)
Lalitha Rao ... Dancer
Rita ... Dancer
We have great producers, directors, script writers and cameramen, and very great films, quiet a few of them, deserving to be called movies for ever. They are the delight of the people of all walks of life and for film fans of any age. And who doesn't know 'Maya Bazar', one of the creative bests of all time? It certainly takes a prominent place among the 'must see movies' of any time and any age. Why so? It has in it every thing to make it an all time super hit.

Making a movie legend of an epic To have a good film material is one thing and to adapt it for a movie is quite another. It certainly is not an easy task to make a popular movie of a story that everyone is familiar with, as only a novel presentation of it can excite the audience, and it is not easy to present a familiar story in a new light. Vijaya Productions deserve all credit for showing in an entirely new light, an old theme and old story so well-known to the audience, and making it exciting too! Almost every Indian knows the story of the Mahabharata well, and to make an entertaining movie of a well-known episode in it is a real challenge to any filmmaker. The title 'Maya Bazar,' for one, is of appeal to the average cinegoer, but the high standard entertainment provided by the movie and the artistic values it has exhibited draws audiences of all classes to the movie. The artistes lived every moment of their roles to the acclaim of all. In their portrayal the characters of the epic of epics come alive before the spectators.
The credit for bringing out their talent definitely should go to the director, KV Reddy. He deserves appreciation too for pooling real creative geniuses – Pingali Nagendrarao for his effective scripting, Ghantasala for his lilting and melodious music and Marcus Bartley for his masterly cinematography. The movie is a thorough entertainer of high artistic standards and nothing in it can be replaced or improved – the dialogues, the songs and music or the tricks of photography. Every inch of the film is marvel of movie
achievement of the great team of artistes and technicians that ever joined together to make a film. It is a fact that the youngsters of this generation hear a lot about the film and wish to see it at least once is a proof of its lasting appeal. People are not tired of seeing it any number of times. Such is the impact of the film. Once you see it, every frame of the movie etches itself in your memory. Whenever you think of the comic scenes you laugh your sides out. Its creative presentation is never lost on you.
The star cast CSR as Sakuni, Gummadi as Balarama, NTR as Krishna, Relangi as Lakshmana Kumara, SVR as Ghatothkacha, ANR as Abhimanyu, Savitri as Sashirekha performed their ever best to make the film an evergreen classic. The audience feels the characters of the epic come alive before them, and get involved in the incidents taking place on the screen. Such is the impact the actors had left behind! Even today people talk of and imagine Savitri, NTR, SVR or ANR in association with their roles in the film. Discuss the film anytime, you don't omit even a bit of the roles played by these eminent actors.
Imagination and artistry of the director Every frame of the film, every movement of the actors reveals the skill and masterly understanding of the roles by the director KV Reddy. He got involved in the creation and presentation of the characters. Every bit in every sequence stands out as a proof of the master stroke of the director. You can neither replace nor
improve any part of the movie. It is a flow of creative genius. You feel you are right there watching the epic characters interacting with each other.
Haunting melodies You can't find a single jarring note either in the songs or in the background music score of the film. Long after you hear them, the songs keep ringing in your ears - every note of the music enthralls the audience and gives them pleasure. Even today songs like 'Lahiri lahiri lahirilo,' 'Chupulu kalisina subhavela,' 'Neekosamene jeevinchunadi' keep haunting us. They are heard at every nook and corner of the state. Thousands of film fans sing the song 'Lahiri lahiri lahirilo,' without the slightest knowledge of the raga (Mohana) in which it is set. In the calm of the night it soothes our heart. Young couples in love hum 'Chupulu kalisina,' and pour out their love. Hats off to Ghantasala for setting the music in such an apt manner!
Art and skill of Marcus Bartley Right from the start to the end we observe the fabulous camerawork of Marcus Bartley. The whole movie is a feast of photography, delighting the eyes. If the artistes excelled in histrionics, he excelled in the art and science of photography. The photography is a joyous piece of work and does not cause a bit of strain to the eye, in spite of the highly effective camera tricks so essential a part of a mythological. Take any crowded scene in the film, you feel Marcus Bartley making you feel you are one of the crowd! Every shot is a masterly shot bringing back to us the times of the past of long, long ago. That is Marcus Bartley for you!
Other characters Though the story runs around the Pandavas, no specific importance is given to the characters. Comedian Balakrishna plays two characters in the film, but we see them as acted by two entirely different men. Singer Madhavapeddi appears as the charioteer for Subhadra and Abhimanyu. Madhavapeddi regales the audience with his unforgettable song 'Vivaha bhojanambu'. He sang it effortlessly. But in Tamil, a Tamil singer strained himself a lot to sing the same song, it is said.

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