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Producer -
Krishnaveni and her husband
Raja MirzaPuram
under MRA Productions.

Director -
L. V. Prasad

Music -

famous bengal writer Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay's novel

Dailogues and lyrics
Samudrala Raghavacharya

MA Rehman
Singers -
M. S. Ramarao,
C. Krishnaveni,
P.G. Jikki Krishnaveni,
P. Leela,
Nagaiah etc.


* Madhu - Chadalavada Narayana Rao
* Sobha - Ms. C Krishnaveni
* Police Inspector - N. T. Rama Rao
* Chittur Nagaiah
* Relangi Venkatramiah
* S. V. Rangarao
* Vangara Venkatsubbayya
* Ramanatha Sastry
* Kanchana
* Surabhi Bala Saraswati
* Hemalatha
* Lakshmikantham


Mana Desam (1949) is a Telugu social film directed by L. V. Prasad and produced by actress Krishnaveni. The title means "Our Country" in Telugu. The film based on Vipradas, a Bengali novel and runs in the backdrop of India's freedom fight.

* It will be remembered as the film that introduced telugu thespians like S. V. Ranga Rao and N. T. Rama Rao and the popular singer Ghantasala as a music director and famous south Indian singer P. Leela to telugu people.
* Krishnaveni used the all traditional story telling techniques then in the movie. She used styles of Burra katha, Oggu katha, stage dramas like Veedhi Natakalu, Bommalatalu in parts of the movie. She also included all types of traditional songs in telugu, patriotic songs, dhampudu songs, bhajans and rural songs.
* The movie also portrays the Gandhian values during freedom struggle and their deterioration after India got freedom from British.
* It is first Telugu film based on Bengali story. Many Bengali stories like Devdas and Aradhana were used as plots for Telugu movies afterwards.

Madhu and Shoba are lovers. Madhu supports the Congress party but Shoba is opposed to congress views. They both are arrested in political violence during the freedom struggle. Madhu is tortured by the police and loses memory. The movie ends with his recovering from amnesia and reunion of the couple. Producer Krishnaveni herself played the role of Sobha and Narayana Rao played the role of Madhu.


Jaya Janani - patriotic song, singers are Ghantasala and C. Krishnaveni
* Emito Ee Sambhandam Enduko Ee Anubhandam - duet, singers are M. S. Ramarao and C. Krishnaveni
* Chalo Chalo Raja - Singers are M.S. Ramarao amd C. Krishnaveni
* Ninnu Nenu Maruvalenura Police yenkatsami - rural style song, singer is Jikki Krishnaveni
* Atta leni Kodalu Uttamuralu - folklore song. singer is Jikki Kirshnaveni
* Vedalipo Tella Dora Vedalipo - patriotic group song
* Nirvedamela kanneridela - Gandian song by Nagaiah
* O Bharata Yuvaka - patriotic group song
* Kallo Ninnu CHoosinane Pilla Vallu Jallumannade - duet, singers are Ghantasala and C. Krishnaveni
* Vaishnava Janato - Traditional Bhajan

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