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Directed by:
B.N. Reddi

Writing credits:

Buchi Babu
Devulapalli Venkata Krishna Sastri writer

Original Music by
Rama Rao Addepalli
Saluri Rajeshwara Rao

Cinematography by:

Konda Reddy B.N.
Adi M. Irani

Art Direction by
A.K. Sekhar

Sound Department:

P.V. Koteswara Rao .... sound

Music Department:

Ramakrishna G. .... playback singer
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna .... playback singer
Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao .... playback singer
Madhavapeddi Satyam .... playback singer
Sakuntala V. .... playback singer

Doraiswamy ... Narappa
Surabhi Kamalabai
Mallika ... Young Malliswari (as baby Mallika)
Rama Rao Taraka Nandamuri ... Nagaraju
Raghava Rao Nyayapaati ... Allasaani Peddana
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna ... Malliswari
Venkata Ramana ... Youn Nagaraju (as Raster Venkata Ramana)
Rushyendramani ... Nagamma
Sreevatsava ... Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu
Kamala Devi T.G.

About Malliswari:
As you all know 'Malliswari' (1951) is one of the best classics of the Telugu cinema. It introduced the renowned Devulapalli Krishna Sastry's poetic genius to the film lovers of the times. The lyricism of the songs he wrote for the movies still ring in the ears of cinegoers and lovers of poetry. The story of this BN Reddy's classic has an interesting background. In the late 1940s Buchibabu wrote a story about a dasi's escapade from a king. The story of Malliswari has its basis in it. The jokes and the pranks of the Nagaraju-Malliswari pair, played by NTR and Bhanumati, are actually are reminiscences of BN Reddy's childhood incidents and experiences.
BN Reddy holds a special place in the history of Telugu Cinema. He is the director who balances artistic values and business needs in the right proportion. Though critics rate 'Sumangali' and 'Swargaseema' as BN Reddy's best films, he thinks 'Malliswari' is his career best.

"When I went to Hampi to shoot my first film 'Vandemataram' in 1939, I was deeply attracted to Sri Krishna Devarayalu", BN Reddy fondly recalls. I wanted to make a film on Sri Krishna Devaraya. Years passed by. But I could not get the right story. Fortunately, 'Malliswari' happened. I think it is the best movie I have directed', he adds.

Songs of 'Malliswari' coupled with the heavenly expressions of Bhanumathi clicked in a big way. The art work by AK Sekhar is commendable. Bhanumathi commemorates "BN Reddy is a great thinker. He injected all his childhood memories into the character of 'Nagaraju' in Malliswari. Can we afford to forget the songs 'kothibavaku pellanta', 'preme neramouna' and 'o meghamala'?"

Bhanumati acted as a vamp in the earlier film of BN Reddy, 'Swargaseema'. She attained the status of superstar at the time of Malliswari shooting. NTR was on a slippery wicket at that time. But it was BN Reddy's confidence in NTR that did the trick. He feels that the pair of Bhanumati and NTR is the best one.

During the production of 'Malliswari', there was a slight misunderstanding between BN Reddy and Bhanumathi. Bhanumathi used to be a little irregular as she was busy with her own production (Prema) work. At one point of time BN Reddy wanted to replace Bhanumathi with a new face called 'Revathi'.

We can get a glimpse of Revathi in one particular song in Malliswari ... 'PoyiRavamma'. Probably he would have thought that Revathi could not match Bhanumati in performance. Though its difficult to him, he was forced to work with Bhanumathi. Bhanumathi never holds back from criticizing BN Reddy that he want his actress to stick to his film and he do not his heroines to get married.

The photographer for the film 'Malliswari' is Konda Reddy, the younger brother of BN Reddy.

Malliswari has gone places and got heavily screened in abroad. BN Reddy wanted to dub this film into English. Due to budget considerations, he could not do it. BN Reddy expired in 1977.

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