Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Direction and Editing:
Supervised by :
Dialogues and lyrics:
R .Sudarshanam and swarswathi

Vyjayantimala Bali
T.R.Ramachandran .... Pati
C.H.Narayana rao .......Murthy
C.S.R.Anjaneyulu ........sivasinkaralingeshwara prasad
A.Narayana rao ....... Veeraswamy
Kamchi narasimha rao ..... Basawayya
K.V.Subba Rao ......Bank secretary
V.M.Elumalai .......Ayomayam
P.D.Sambandam ..... Seenu
Podala Krishna murthy ..... patrika sampadakudu
A.L.Narayana rao ......Bandivadu
lalitha and padmini ..... Dance artists
Kum.Vyjanthimala (debut) .....Mohini
S.varalaxmi .....varalaxmi
venkumaba ..... bangaramma
annapurna .....durgamma
baby vimala .....leela
Baby narayanan and baby meena
and sita,nagaratnam,rajalaxmi,tangamma etc.,

This is the first film of vyjanthimalaMohini (vyjayanthimala) is the daughter of sivashankaralingeswara prasad(CSR) who is married to durgamma (annapurna) after mohin's mouther's death. Durgamma's brother is murthy (C.H.Narayana rao). Murthy wants to marry mohini. Mohini likes the writerings of ashok. Ashok is none other then the neighbor pati. But she is not aware of that. Murthy goes to the village where she sees varalaxmi (s.varalaxmi) and traps her. She promises her that she will come back from madras and release laxmi's family from the debt of basavayya and leaves the village. After coming to the madras he asks CSR for the hand of mohini. Mohini refuses him. She falls in love with pati after knowing that he is none other than ashok the writer. Varalaxmi became pregnant and comes to madras in search of murthy. She searches for him, before she finds him she delivers the boy in a hospital. She locates murthy and requests to accept her and the child. Murthy refuses as usual. She leaves the child in pati's car and goes into the sea for suicide. Pati leaves the child in a rickshaw and Murthy sees this and asks his aide to bring the child to pati and mohin's engagement venue. The engagement will get cancelled because of the child. Pati brought up the child, unsatisfied murthy makes some more plans to get pati out of job and succeeds in it. Varalaxmi is rescued by the fisherman and she again starts searching for the kid. And sees him in pati's place and feels happy. When the kid met with an accident, she comes forward and releaves the identity of her because kid needs the blood of mother. Murhty comes into the scene but still don't accepts the child. When pati tries to hit murthy it is varalaxmi who comes to his rescue. Seeing that muthy changes his ways and accepts varalaxmi as his wife.

Plus Points of the movie:

* Beautiful photography. Even though it is made in Black & white the village scenes and the other scenes are too good.

* Good melody songs. The song eedena bharatadesam.. eda bharatha desam is a big hit. Other songs like Andhra yuvatha jayamu needera and dada dada are also big hits.

* Acting of Ch.Narayana Rao is good. It is one of his favorite roles.

Funny things about this movie:

* T.ramachandran (hero) is shorter then the vyjayanthimala. He don't look like a hero. In fact Narayana rao looks like hero then of a villan.

* Hero and heroine introduction is usual like bumping their cars and some quarrel in the beginning and love afterwards. (may be trend setter to the later on movies).

* S.varalxmi searches for the hero six months without doing anything. How she survived with pregnancy for that long without eating or doing any work is a surprising factor.

* In second half we don't see much of narayana rao, where he gone, while she is pregnant and searching for her or what he is doing we don't know.

* An accountant in bank can maintain car in madras city. Once the job is gone he has to sell all the things.
About the movieThe movie first made in tamil, then in hindi and then made in telugu

Chakkaniana koyarajujuni ekkdaina choosara .. meerekkadiana choosara
Cast: Vyjyanthimala and others

Melukondi tellavare tellaga.. peda kallapu challi muggu pettaga
Cast: S.Varalaxmi

Anandamayena maa palleseema.. dana dharmala maa palleseema
Cast: S.Varalaxmi

Aasalani galilona kalispoyene devi
Cast : S.Varalaxmi

Gopala neeku neenu adutanoye.. nanda gopala neeku neenu

Edena maa desem, eda bharatadesam
Cast: madavapeddi satyam

Bhoomi dunnalo rayeta bhoomi dunnalo
Cast: padmini and lalitha

Priyamiana Raani mohini, ela aluka chalika, .. dada dada dada
Cast: T.Ramachandran and Vyjanthimala

Priyamaina raja naa pati, ela aluka chaluka dada..dada.
Cast: Vyjanthimala and T.Ramachandran

Choopava pati tova.. deva.. choopava pati tova..
Cast: S.Varalaxmi

Mana masanasu manasu ekame, anandmai navalokam choodama
Cast: T.Ramachandran and Vyjanthimala

Tikku tikku takkuladi tapu tari adaga, okkasari choodara
Cast: Vyjanthimala (Pehilemoolakath hai song)

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