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Jayasudha was a famous South Indian actress from the 1970's and 1980's, with most of her films being Telugu films.
Jayasudha was born as Sujatha to a Telugu speaking family in Madras, Tamil Nadu. Her aunt is the famous actress and director Vijaya Nirmala, who convinced Jayasudha's disapproving father, to permit his stage-struck daughter to act in films. Jayasudha made her film debut when she was twelve years old as Jamuna's daughter in the Telugu film Panduntikaapuram. Her next break came in two Tamil films directed by the celebrated director K. Balachander: Arangettram and Apoorva Raagangal. The latter became a big hit. Her fame quickly spread, where Telugu film producers were offering her good film roles. While her debut role as heroine in the Telugu film Lakshmana Rekha (1975) got her attention, it was really the title role in Jyothi (1975) (remake of the Hindi film Mili starring Jaya Bhaduri) that made her a huge star in Telugu films. She was now called a successor to the great Telugu actress Savithri and performed many strong roles and showed excellent range. Her roles varied from the cute looking teeny bopper who wore minis in Nomu (1974) to the battered wife of a sadist husband in Idi Katha Kadu, to that of a comedienne who discovers that her husband wants to murder her for her wealth in "Money Money." She performed showy roles in Telugu remakes of Hindi films, such as Yugandhar (1979) (the fighter role that Zeenat Aman originated in Don (1978 film)), Illalu (1981) (Reena Roy's dark-shaded role from Apnapan (1977)), etc. In commercial cinema, she received a huge break when she starred in Adavi Ramudu (1977). She also showed innovativeness and lack of vanity in original Telugu films like Premabhishekam (1981) where she played a supporting role as a deglamorized prostitute, while Sridevi played the female lead. Although Telugu is her mother tongue language, she never learned to read or write Telugu, because she is from Madras where English and Tamil are taught in schools. But that didn't stop her from starring in 225 Telugu films, and in one year, she had 24 film releases. She accomplished all this, despite her illiteracy in Telugu, by having people read lines to her and she would remember and deliver her lines. She became such a famous actress that she starred in a film Jayasudha (1982), named after her. Her fame also allowed producers to cast her sister Subhashini in supporting roles in some of the films that she starred in, such as Sivaranjani (1978) and Meghasandesham (1983). Subhashini's daughter Pooja is now a budding actress.

Personal life

Jayasudha fell in love with producer Nitin Kapoor, cousin to actor Jeetendra. They married in 1985 and have two sons, Nihar and Sreyanth. She also converted to Christianity after a near-death experience.

1. Nandi Award for Best Actress for Jyothi (1975)
2. Nandi Award for Best Actress for Amekatha (1977)
3. Nandi Award for Best Actress for Megasandesham (1982)
4. Kalasagar Award as Best Actress for Megasandesham (1982)

Hit films of jayasudha
1. Bommarillu (2006) .... Lakshmi
2. Style (2006) .... Raghava's mother
3. Balu (2005)
4. Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi (2003)
5. Fools (2003/I) .... Jaya
6. Ammaye Navvithe (2001) .... Rajeshwari (guest role)
7. Ishtam (2001) .... Sridevi
8. Chinna (2001)
9. Alai Payuthey (2000)
10. Kante Koothurne Kanu (2000)
11. Yuvakudu (2000) .... Mother
12. Sooryavansham (1999) (as Jaya Kapoor) .... Sharda, Heera's mother
13. Anthimanthaarai (1996)
14. Deyyam (1996)
15. Money Money (1995)
16. Rikshavodu (1995)
17. Bangaru Kutumbam (1994)
18. Shrinatha Kavi Sarvabhowma (1993)
19. Sarovaram (1993)
20. Inspector Jhansi (1993)
21. Akka Pettanam Chelleli Kapuram (1993)
22. Money (1993)
23. Vontari Poratam (1989)

24. Sardar Dharmanna (1987)
25. Aatma Bandhuvulu (1987)
26. Magadheerudu (1986)
27. Muddula Manavaraalu (1986)
28. Tandra Paparayudu (1986) .... Mallamma
29. Edadugula Bandham (1985)
30. Mangalya Balam (1985)
31. Bobbili Brahmanna (1984)
32. Iddaru Dongalu (1984)
33. Zakhmi Sher (1984) .... Anandi
34. Lanke Bindelu (1983)
35. Meghasandesam (1983) .... Ravindrababu's Wife
36. Ramudu Kadu Krishnudu (1983)
37. Naa Desam (1982)
38. Aadavallu Meeku Joharulu (1981)
39. Agni Poolu (1981)
40. Illalu (1981)
41. Premaabhishekam (1981) .... Jayanthi
42. Prema Tarangalu (1980)
43. Gopala Rao Gari Ammayi (1980) .... Sujatha
44. Sreevari Muchatlu (1980)
45. Idi Kathakaadu (1979)
46. Intinti Ramayanam (1979)
47. Kalyani (1979) .... Kalyani
48. Ninaithale Inikkum (1979) .... Guest
49. Shivamettina Satyam (1979)
50. Shri Tirupati Venkateswara Kalyanam (1979) .... Goddess Lakshmi
51. Yugandhar (1979)

52. Pranam Kareedu (1978) .... Seetha (Kankaiah's Second Wife)
53. Katakatala Rudraiah (1978)
54. Sivaranjani (1978) .... Sivaranjani
55. Sommokadidhi Sokokadidhi (1978) .... Lilly
56. Aaina (1977) .... Usha G. Shastri
57. Adavi Ramudu (1977)
58. Gadusu Ammayi (1977)

59. Premalekhalu (1977) .... Sujatha
60. Alludochhadu (1976)
61. Mangalyaniki Maromudi (1976)
62. Secretary (1976)
63. Apoorva Raagangal (1975) .... Ranjini
64. Pandanti Kapuram (1972) .... Rani Malini Devi
65. Yedureetha (1963)

1. Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai (1990) (executive producer) (as Jayasudha Kapoor)

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neeru said...

Being a women, i would like to say that she has the feminity which attracts many hearts of men as well women, she is so natural, very charming, and very talented, but there are few directors in this cine world who can bring her talent..wishing jayasudha a good luck.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on joining the congress party. It is startling to note that you have left a world that comes to you, and now you have to go in to the world ! However, I wish you use your popularity, to make the people disciplined!!because in my opinion, it is people who lead you to wrong ideas!!those people are :
Village level political leaders
Gram panchayat level government servants
Corporate structured schools, colleges, hospitals; and so called religious leaders;
Anyway best of luck ! I am a die hard fan of yours! and so these words

shashi said...

As an actress you are carrying a great heritage, that of Kannamba and Savithri.None other than late Rameesh Chander your father wrote this to you,when you were contemplating of quitting acting.This may as well be the will of lord or karma of a hindu( In this life time you were both).When u have successfully carried forwarded this heritaghe, You need to pass it on to some one..Its not easy. But his will be done.Politics may not be meant for you and transition to spiritual life is much harder than success in films or in politics.But when the lord leads you, everything will go as it should
father son and holy spirit accomplish everything

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