Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Date of Birth:
1898, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh,
Date of Death:
6 October 1967, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India.
Father of director Rao C.S.R..
Alternate Names:
C. Pullaiah

Venkaiah established a film production company, named 'Star of the East' films. He also constructed a permanent studio. These were Telugu's first film company and first film studio - by Raghupati Venkaiah. His son RS Prakash made first silent film for Star of the East – 'Bhishma Pratigjna' (1922). This was the first film made by a Telugu man. Prakash himself played 'Bhishma'. A British girl De Castello played Ganga. As already mentioned earlier Chittajallu Pullaiah and YV Rao entered the field as director and assistant


1. Bhuvana Sundari Katha (1967)
2. Bhama Vijayam (1967)
3. Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha (1966)
4. Lava Kusa (1963/I) (as C. Pullaiah)
5. Lava Kusa (1963/II)
6. Devanthukudu (1960)
7. Naan Kanda Sorgam (1960)
8. Pakka Inti Ammayi (1953)
9. Sankranti (1952)
10. Apoorva Sahodaralu (1950)
11. Vindhyarani (1948)
12. Golla Bhama (1947)
13. Narada Naradi (1946)
14. Bala Nagamma (1942)
15. Malathi Madhavam (1940)
16. Vara Vikrayam (1939)
17. Mohini Bhasmasura (1938)
18. Satyanarayana Vratam (1938)
19. Chal Mohana Ranga (1937)
20. Dasavataramulu (1937)
21. Kasula Peru (1937)
22. Anasuya (1936)
23. Dhruva (1936)
24. Srikrishna Thulabhaaram (1935)
25. Lava Kusha (1934/I)
26. Lava Kusha (1934/II)
27. Ramadasu (1933)
28. Savithri (1933)

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