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SP Nayak (2005)

Release Date: 1st December, 2005
Banner: Chandra Kiran Movies
Presenter: 'Raasi Movies' Narasimha Rao
Direction: Selva
Story: Selva
Screenplay: Selva
Dialogues: Vennelakanti
Cinematography: Siva
Editing: Satish & Harsha
Producer: Manchala Venkatrayudu
Keerti Chawla,
Vallabhaneni Janardhan,
Baby Taj and Others
Story: He is called a powerful police officer and is named as SP Nayak (Arjun), which means he is of the IPS rank. But the director places him in the role of a bodyguard of a child Prema, daughter of an ace singer (Thalaivasan). Namitha is in the female lead.And the familiar Sanghavi plays the singer's wife, that is Prema's mother. One surprising development is that the film opened to full houses may be because it was the lone release and Arjun is more accepted as an action star.

The introduction gives you a hint of the main plot. It is the involvement of the present police chief (Ramaraju) himself in child lifting cases for gain. They are hand in glove with underground dons. A look at the structure makes us feel that this lawlessness is deliberately projected so that Arjun is given enough work as an action star. There is a display of some sample cases of how SP Nayak used to tackle crime and criminals, in a flashback format, as narrated by former DGP (Ranganath). This flashback stops at the point of Nayak's suspension by corrupt administration, unable to stand his sincerity. He is now free to take up any job.
On the advice of the former DGP, the singer employs Nayak as the bodyguard for his school going daughter Prema (Baby Taj). Then the narration slips into some sentimental drama, between the child and her guardian Nayak. As expected, Prema is kidnapped after the goons beat Nayak into unconscious state. The child is also believed murdered, even after her father paid the demanded ransom running into crores. Nayak is taken to the house of a trustworthy doctor, for fear of the villains targeting him. The present corrupt police chief (Ramaraju) tells Prema's father that it was Nayak himself who handed his daughter to the underground don for a price. Thus the hero Nayak is given two objectives to achieve – one to clear himself out of this insinuation and the second one is to know what really happened to Prema and to save her and then to expose the corrupt police operating in this underground network.

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