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Missamma (2003)

Release Date: 28th November 2003
Banner: Satyam Entertainment
Direction: Neelakanta
Music: Vandemataram Srinivas
Story: Neelakanta
Screenplay: Neelakanta
Dialogues: Neelakanta
Cinematography: Jawahar Reddy
Editing: Nagireddy
Art: KV Ramana
Producer: B Satyanarayana

Bhumika Chawla,
Tanikella Bharani,
Bangalore Padma,
Sarat Babu,
LB Sriram
Story: Nanda Gopal (Sivaji) is an employee on JP corporation, one of the biggest business house
in India. He works as an accountant in Hyderabad branch for this Mumbai based firm. He is a good
Samaritan with high ethical values and amble social responsibility. He also wrote a thesis on the
economy that is aimed at improving the economics of corporate companies. His goal is to show it
to the MD of company Meghana (Bhumika Chawla), daughter of deceased JP.

Nanda Gopal is married to a lovable and traditional girl Ratna Mala (Laya) for the past 5 years
and they lead a happy family. Their family also consists of a small kid, whom they adapted from
an orphanage.

When Meghana visits Hyderabad branch for the first time, Nanda Gopal gets a chance to meet her.
He tries to impress Meghana. In the process, he loses his job. Meghana tells him that she would
put some tests and if he passes them she would make him the GM of the company. Slowly Nanda Gopal
realizes that she is playing mind games with him. Now she wants to marry him. She forces him to
tie knot to her. Before Nanda Gopal realizes it, he is in a big mess. She tortures him to such an
extent that he would not even think about anything with a plain mind.

Why is Meghana is behaving like a psychopath? Why did she chose Nanda Gopal as her pray? To know
answers to all these questions, you must watch this film on the big screen!

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