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Grahanam (2005)

Banner: Kanakadhara Creations
Direction: Mohankrishna Indraganti
Music: K Vijay
Screenplay: Mohankrishna Indraganti
Cinematography: PG Vinda
Choreography: Kiranmayi
Editing: Lokesh
Art: Bhupesh R Bhupati
Producer: N Anji Reddy, BV Subba Rao & P Venkateswara Rao

Tanikella Bharani,
Tallavajjula Sundaram,
Goparaju Ramana,
Master Mohnish,
Phani and Others

Story: The story opens in a hospital with Surya, a doctor there, busy in treating a boy. He notices a woman sitting under a tree, alone looking highly concerned about the recovery of the boy. The doctor becomes curious after realizing who the woman is. But the moment he goes there she disappears. Dr Mohan, a colleague of Surya gets curious about the curiosity shown by his friend. Surya then starts narrating the story that comes to us as flashback.

It takes us to a village where one Sastry (Tanikella Bharani) and his wife Sarada (Jayalalitha) are shown leading comfortable life. A young boy just about fourteen years frequents their house, because the woman looks after him well. He too is attached to her. One day he falls sick and the treatment given by a local quack does not help. Then a Tantrik is brought to treat him. After examining the boy, he tells that the boy is hit not because of any ailment, but because he had an affair with a woman much older than him. He called the disease as 'Dosha Gunam'. The boy in the bed starts uttering the name of Sarada in his delirious bouts. She is the same woman who has been pampering him. And the boy's parents and uncle start doubting Sarada's character. So does her husband Sastry, after learning about the whole episode. The Tantrik (Tallavajjula Sundaram) says that the fever would come down only when the blood of the woman taken from her thigh is injected into the boy's body. Her husband too suspects her character and beats her, when she starts protesting, denying the allegation. When she falls unconscious he takes the blood and gives it to them, which in turn is injected into the boy. Surprisingly the boy recovers. This news makes her husband to demand the wife leave the house alone, leaving their child with him. And this is the child who is grown up now into an adolescent, who is presently undergoing treatment. What happened then to the other boy who recovered? This element of suspense is retained for the climax.

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