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Ayinda Leda (2005)

Release Date: 18th November, 2005
Direction: Bharat

Kota Srinivasa Rao,
Mallikarjuna Rao,
Uttej and Others

Story: Ali plays Ramu the son of a crack business magnate Koteswara Rao (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who has the habit of collecting soda bottle caps lying on the floor. His aged mother is projected as a kung fu specialist. There are scenes showing that woman flooring some gangsters. Plenty of dupes are used for these scenes.

Ramu gets attracted to a girl named Alaka (Raksha). In order to get into her heart he tries many dirty tricks, which by themselves look silly. With the help of his grandmother he allows his dog bite her. He then pretends as a doctor and starts treatment for the dog bite. The process he adopts to befriend her is to give fourteen injections around her navel almost landing on her body. After failing in this method, he pretends as a savior of a bank, she is working for, from the attack of some deceits, which are none other than his own friends. Finally she yields to him. They are in love, now. But his father Koteswara Rao is doubtful of the genuinity of the love of a poor girl with a rich boy. So, he puts a condition to prove that it is lasting love between them, not lust. He asks them to go on honeymoon to a tourist town, stay in a single room, have sex and then comeback. He would then see how long that feeling of 'love' exists between them. His philosophy is that this so-called 'love' disappears the moment they make sex. Till then they crave for each other.

They are now in a holiday resort. Millionaire Koteswara Rao sends some of his men to see that they have sex. When everybody fails in this job, Koteswara Rao himself comes to the town, camouflaging himself as an African woman, who just returned after attending a beauty contest. For sometime, the hotel manager who calls himself as Mammuti (Mallikarjuna Rao) is after this Africa-returned beauty and for sometime it is the manager's wife who seeks 'her' company. Thus runs the drama for sometime. Babumohan, Uttej, Brahmanandam are the others in this gang, who have to report back to Koteswara Rao whether his son had sex with Alaka. To protect herself from the onslaught of Ramu she plants another woman in this drama, who claims that Ramu married her and is now trying to marry again. She produces some bogus video clippings to prove she is his wife. They gave crazy name to this other woman - 'Agni Saakshi'. Ramu constantly denies. But he later comes to know that his girl friend planted her to play this drama so that she could keep him away from her. He then becomes upset and says he was washing off his hands from this relationship and is going to commit suicide. He jumps off a cliff, but lands in a net, laid there by a film shooting team, expecting that fall from their hero.

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