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Ooha Chitram (2009) Movie Review by Bharatstudent


Rating: 1.25/5

Banner: Likith Arts

Cast: Vamsi Krishna, Kaveri Jha, Jeeva, Giri Babu, Krishna Bhagawan, Surya, Babloo, Vijay and others

Music: Siva K Nandigam

Cinematography: V N Suresh Kumar

Director: Satya

Producer: K Paidi Babu

Release date: 17/07/2009


A good tale gone bad, the story begins with Vikram (vamsi) who is a police inspector but then he goes through a bumpy ride as his information is wrong and he is at the wrong place all times. Things take a turn when he checks the purse of a police officer and this leads him to suspension. Vikram meets Keerthi (kaveri) at that time and soon they fall in love. After a while, Keerthi introduces him to a website 'May I Help You'. Here, Vikram meets Raj and the latter gives him a plan so that Vikram can prove his intelligence and get back to the department. However, there are many complications that take place and soon Vikram realizes that Raj has got a mystery behind him. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director has attempted to come up with a storyline that has got many elements and that's why he could not put up with the presentation and the narrative as well. The dialogues were dull, the script was written shoddily and screenplay was poor. Music was a major disappointment and the cinematography was stale. Editing was completely disastrous. Art and costumes were okay and made their presence felt. Coming to the cast, Vamsi Krishna was poor as he was not able to express himself and his body language was poor. His physique was good and that's where it starts and ends. Kaveri Jha was yet again seductive to the core but then the stylists should work on giving her different looks. Jeeva was okay, Giri Babu was regular, Krishna Bhagawan was not upto the mark, the others came and went.


The film attempted to come up with various elements in one go and this made a mess of the movie. While the first half takes off on a different note, somewhere down the line, it loses track of the plot and leaves the audience confused. The second half takes a different turn and it must be said that editing was nowhere to be seen and there are many things happening at one go. The film is poor in performances and also in technical aspects. This will sink in box office in just a few days. The choice of the lead character was wrong and there was no proper comedy.

Bharatstudent verdict: Can be ignored

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