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Kalavaramaye Madilo (2009) Movie Review by Greatandhra

Film: Kalavaramaye Madilo

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Kamal Kamaraju, Colors Swathy, Vikram Gokhle, Tanikella Bharani, Delhi Rajeshwari etc

Music: Sarath Vasudevan

Camera: Rajendra

Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhopal

Lyrics: Vanamali

Editing: Basva Paidireddy

Choreography: Nikson and Sridhar

Art: Madhu Rebba

Pro: Lagadapati Babu Rao

Producer: Mohan Vadlapatla

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Satish Kasetty

Released On: 17th July 2009

Colors Swathy has got good salable value after the film ‘Asta Chemma’ and that has carried expectations on the movie ‘Kalavaramaye Madilo’. And that is the only factor that hooked the audiences to look at this film. Let us see how far the expectations are reached.


Sreya (Swathy) lives with her mother (Delhi Rajeshwari) and works in an Audit Office. But she loves singing and hence gets into earning by joining as a stage singer in a Star Hotel. She also holds a dream of singing in the composition of AR Rehman.

Sastry (Tanikella Bharani) makes ways to find a concert for his friend who is a classical singer Rao (Vikram Gokhale). They happen to come to that Star Hotel in search of a chance at the same place and listen to Sreya’s performance. Rao shouts on her quoting the standards of music. Sreya takes that as a challenge and goes to the same Rao to learn music.

Srinu (Kamal Kamarj) a London returned guy happens to be the pair for Sreya.

What happens later and how Sreya fulfils her dreams form rest of the story.


Colors Swathy:
She is the only pulling factor for this film. She did her best in justifying the role. Fun, humor and energy were given by her in first half. But the second half demanded pathos part in her and hence audiences get to see a new Swathy with tears.

Kamal Kamaraju:
It is good that he improved muscles and looking macho. At the same time he needs to improve a lot in the matters of action and dialogue delivery. His guitar scene is very eccentric and such hysterical scenes should be done only when they are necessary.

Vikram Gokhale:
He is very new to Telugu screen. Audiences can connect to him only when he can deliver all sorts of histrionics required for silver screen. But he didn’t. He underplayed a lot in that passive patient role leaving no sense for his presence in the movie. He is known as very good stage artiste in Maharashtra but he proved not the only choice for the role. And the dubbing voice of renowned SP Balasubrahmanyam given to him is another flaw.

Tanikella Bharani did his best. He recalls the role of Sarath Babu in Sagarasangamam for some time and that of Allu Ramalingiah in Sankarabharanam for other time.

Delhi Rajeshwari is ok in her role but appeared weaker than before.

Pragathi (hero’s mother) missed timing in delivering dialogues as well as expressions. This can be considered as one of her poor performances in recent time.

Technical Departments:

There is nothing great or less to mention about any technical department and everything went in run of the mill state. Dialogues are good and sensible to large extent but the problem arrived with screenplay. The wellness of dialogues got smoked by lengthy indoctrinating scenes where not required, especially in second half.

Music and Lyrics:

Sarath Vasudevan’s music is mediocre. He needs to improve in orchestration part. Vanamali’s lyrics are good especially in two numbers- ‘Tholi Asalenno’ and ‘Pallavinchina…’.


Colors Swathy


No sufficient entertainment


The religion of the director who happens to be the story writer of the movie seems to be ‘Vishwanathism’ as far as this film is concerned. To elaborate, the elements in the films Sagarasangamam, Sankarabharanam, Sruthi Layalu and Swarna Kamalam would role on minds’ screen while watching this film. And there is nothing wrong and such attempt deserves praises. But it’s not just the story that becomes a movie. Proper screenplay, scene conviction and free flow are required to hook the audiences. And moreover, such films need a right proportion of humor to balance the equation.

The attempt of director to bring pathos in climax is laudable but the blend missed the goal. The choice of artistes is not so impressive. And the director didn’t do any attempt to balance the equation of emotions those are being delivered in the movie.

First half goes little better with the humor and trademark style of Colors Swathy. But the second half mars the enthusiasm levels of audiences with heaviness in scenes and narration. Lack of timing while delivering dialogues and giving expressions hindered the free flow in narration.

Apart from this, the directors should know that there is huge talent within known sources and need not run for artistes like Vikram Gokhale.

On a whole it’s an old concoction attempted to serve with newness but couldn’t reach the expectation.

Attempt of director can be appreciated but pity on would-be box office result.

Bottom-line: Should be watched with ‘big heart’ to say ‘it’s good’

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