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Meena Starring VENGAMAMBA (2009) Telugu Movie Review


Rating: 3/5

Banner: V M C Films

Cast: Meena, Sarath Babu, Saikiran, Sana, Subbaraya Sarma, Ashok Rao, Ananth, Sudha, Sivaparvathy, Ranganath, Sriram and others

Music: M M Keeravani

Cinematography: P R K Raju

Director: Uday Bhaskar

Producer: Doraiswamy Raju

Release Date: July 17, 2009


A holy tale, the story begins on the backdrop of Tarigonda with the life of Vengamamba (meena) who is the darling daughter of Krishnaiah (sarath Babu) and Mangamamba (sudha). However, their dreams of seeing their daughter married does not help as right from childhood, she is into the trance of lord Venkateswara (sai kiran). She gets married to Venkata Chalapathy of Injeti family. However, he dies due to a snake bite. From then on, Vengamamba gets into a complete service to the god and begins to write songs and various poems on the lord. She has her own form of obstructions in the form of Kainkaryam (ananth), Dikshitulu (ashok rao) but then divine help is always there to assist her pious heart. A chance sequence takes her to Tirumala and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a neat storyline and both the presentation and narrative were good. The dialogues were simple, the script was written without much flaws and the screenplay was sensible. Music played a key role and it did well while cinematography was neat. Graphics were excellent. The make up department could have been better since the puffing up was a bit on the higher side. Also, the art department should have brought more authentic feel to it. Editing was crisp. Costumes were apt. meena did a fabulous job and showed enough maturity in her role. Saikiran and Sana were the perfect choices. Saikiran has shown good potential, Sarath Babu was elegant, Subbaraya Sarma was impressive, Ananth was good, L B Sriram was okay. The others did their bit and contributed.


The film has been a take on the real life story of the famous Vengamamba of Tarigonda. The makers have taken an authentic touch to it and while the first half revolves around her childhood to her younger days, the second half goes about with her divine journey and spiritual awareness. The film has got some real good technical effects and with some decent performances by the cast, it was neat. The film will surely appeal to the family audience and those who are interested in divine flicks. Maybe few learning points for the youth and the mass audience as well. This will be a decent run at the box office with some positive word of mouth.

Bharatstudent Verdict : Divine and neat, recommended

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