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Nikhil's YUVATHA Telugu Movie Review

Film: Yuvatha

Rating: 3/5

Banner: Worth Watch Entertainments

Cast: Nikhil, Aksha, Ranadheer, Monali, Shayaji Shinde, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Jeeva, Narsing Yadav, Subhash, Narasimha, Karuna etc and in guest roles-Siddhartha and Krishnudu

Camera: Jaswant

Music: Mani Sharma

Fights: Ram-Laxman

Lyrics: Krishna Chaitanya

Art: Narayana Reddy

Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh

Producers: Hari, Uma Prakash

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Parasuram (Bujji)

Released On: 7th November 2008

It's a change over from typical college stories although we see a set of four young guys and two girls. Mass flavor is pervaded in this movie all together. Let us peep a little more into the details.


Babu (Nikhil) is an easy going irresponsible guy from a village called Kesavaram. He develops strife with his uncle and lands in Hyderabad to stay along with his 3 close friends. While one works in a software company, the other works as a security guard and the third one aspires to become a film director.

Babu stays with them and happens to meet a girl called Baby (Aksha), a medico, in a dramatic sequence. It goes without saying that Babu and Baby fall in love. On the other hand the owner's daughter (Monali) falls in love with the software guy in this friend's batch.

In an unforeseen situation the guy who dreams to become a director gets hospitalized. To save their friend from peril, the three friends attempt a bank robbery. They will be caught red handed and the situation turns different turn all together. What happens from then was made in the humorous way possible.


It has almost become a trend to sound the dialogues in Godavari slang these days. With that Nikhil's diction came close to that of Ravi Teja. Earlier in 'Ankith Pallavi and Friends' he appeared to have taken inspiration from Pawan Kalyan in some scenes. But now Ravi Teja appears to have inspired him hiding the originality. Yet, it's entertaining and didn't obstruct the flow.

New girl Aksha is ok but appeared to be older than Nikhil with wide face. She is ok with the performance that she delivered.

Ranadheer is ok but would have performed better in sentimental scenes. Monali has no big role to play but she too sufficed the requirement.

Dialogues and screenplay maintained the tempo better. The dialogue 'Aalochinchi cheyyadaaniki idi vyaaparam kaadu - Friendship' received good response in theaters. Music is average and the director would have extracted more from Mani Sharma. The first song 'Naake Istam' appeals masses while the rest are appealing for youth.

On a whole, it can be termed as an above average narration by the director. Had he worked better on some technical aspects, the film would have elevated better.


It is an attempt to project Nikhil in mass appealing role. There is a consistent transformation in Nikhil's movies from 'Happy Days' to 'Yuvatha'. Although the title and the posters sounded to be a college oriented flick, there are more mass elements in it than anything else. The screenplay is good but the director would have worked a bit more in some scenes where there needs more energy.

Keeping those technical aspects aside, the film appeals for mass audiences and the humor element also worked considerably well. On a whole it can be termed as an above average execution.

Although friendship element is attempted to be a highlight in the movie, the narration goes on the platforms of crime and action.

It's a movie for masses and those who can get entertained along with them. It's an entertained carved with in the 'set formula'.

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