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ET Interview : Kishore (KHADAR of VENNELA)

Remember Khadar of Vennela... adhe ra bhai "Andharu nannu psycho gadu antunte psycho cinemalu chusukuntu bathikina..." Now he is doing about 3 full Length Roles. Recently We took an interview from him (All thanks to Idlebrain for giving Orkut Profile). Here is the interview.

Hello Kishore Garu, We are from
Early Tollywood...

Q. Tell About Your Childhood, Education and Job.

A. Childhood was in Kamareddy(Dist.Nzbd) till Intermediate. I did my B.com in khairatabad and flew off to US to do my Masters in information Systems. After my MS I got a job as QA tester and got quickly promoted to QA Manager.

Q. How were you feeling at the time of first shot in Vennela?

A. First shot was to eat a chicken sandwich..so it was good as i was a bit hungry so I guess the shot came natural without any tension

Q. How was it working with Raja?

A. Working with raja was great. He is a great co-artiste who is very down to earth.

Q. How did you feel on the success of the movie and KHADAR's character?

A. Success of the movie and Khadar's Character reached me very late as I did the movie as a project and forgot about it. When I came to india for 50 days function I knew what I missed.. It is a great feeling but I hope I really deserve it.

Q. Who are Your Favorite Actors and Actresses?

A. Favorite Actor is Brahmanandam.
Favorite Actresses are Aishwarya(for her beauty), Kangna Ranaut(for her acting) and Shilpa Shetty(for her physique--lol)

Q. Who is Your Favorite Director?

A. Chandrasekhar Yeleti, Suman Pathuri(watch out for his debut movie in May 2009), Shamit Amin

Q. Which is Your Favorite Movie?

A. Bommarillu(telugu),
Chakde(Hindi), Rockon(Hindi), Dil Chahta hai(Hindi), Taare Zameen Par(Hindi),
Thavamai Thavamirindu(Tamil), Autograph(tamil)

Q. What is Your Biggest Compliment?

A. All the 750 scraps till now in my orkut scrapbook are biggest compliments in my life. I hope i wont dissapoint them in my future movies

Q. What is Your Favorite Dialogue from Vennela?

A. MooduEndla kinda maa thatha illu kattisthunte itikepila kinda padi peekindu..- I love that dialogue..

Q. Please tell something about Indumathi and about your role in Indumathi

A. Indumathi is a thriller movie with many twists and turns..I play a comic relief in the movie.. Now it all depends whether a comedy in a thriller really tickles the funny bones of the current viewers who are really unpredictable..

Q. What are Your Dream Roles?

A. Dream Role is of a comedian whose entry itself gives whistles in a theatre..

Q. What are Your ongoing and Future projects?

A. Current(sushanth-hero), 12:34, Inkokkasari(suman pathuri's debut..watch out for a forthcoming blockbuster), Devakatta's 2nd movie

Q. What is your view on Telugu Audience?

A. Telugu Audience are unpredictable but as far as I have guessed they love comedy

We wish you a great future Kishore garu...

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