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Uday Kiran's EKALOVEYUDU Movie Review - Different Cocept but Poor Presentation


Rating: 2/5
Banner: Sri Venkataramana Films

Cast: Uday Kiran, Krithi, Bob Antony, Chitram Srinu, Chalapathi Rao, Vijay, Sudha, Ahuti Prasad, Dharmavarapu,Narsing and others

Music: Anil Krishna
Cinematography: Ramesh Krishna

Director: K R K

Producer: Medikonda Amarchand Release date: November 07, 2008


A different love tale, the story begins with Karthik (Uday) who is about to commit suicide after getting blasted by his father (Chalapathi Rao) but then he turns up at home the next day with loads of cash. Karthik says that he got a job overseas but goes to Ooty and stays with his friends (Sreenu and Vijay). The story takes a new turn there as the entire town is after Indu (Kruthi) who does not love anyone. Karthik becomes the cupid for his friend since he likes her but then his nature, attitude and other aspects attract Indu more towards him and in no time she confesses her feelings to him. In the meantime, even Karthik starts feeling the same but then he turns her proposal down. Indu is heartbroken and returns to Hyderabad and when his friends ask him, Karthik reveals a flashback and according to that he enters into an agreement with Bhakta (Bob Antony) which makes him give his life whenever Bhakta wants it. In return, Karthik gets all the money to take care of his family and clear all problems. However, love takes over him and he comes to Hyderabad in search of Indu and finally meets her. What happens to his agreement with Bhakta? What is the suspense in the tale. Watch the film to get more.


The director has come up with an interesting plot and though the narrative was a bit weak, the presentation part was good. Dialogues were of standard, the songs were really melodious, camera could have been better given the locations, editing was fine. The script in a way was written well at few points and then it came down at few points. But the screenplay made up for any flaws. The other departments contributed in the best way possible. Uday Kiran has come up with a standard performance and though that strained expressions are still seen in him, he has improvised them now. Krithi looks cute and her dance moves are good, she has to work more on her emotional scenes though. Chitram Sreenu was hilarious along with Vijay, Ahuti Prasad was not utilized properly, the comeback of Bob Antony was a good feeling and he really looked elegant with his presence. Dharmavarapu did justice to his role and the others like Chalapati Rao, Sudha etc contributed as per requirement.


The concept of an agreement with life is something new and the twists and suspense involved is also interesting, however the first half of the movie took off on a rather light note with not much for the audience to connect. It is before the interval and the second half onwards that the real fever sets in and takes it to a decent climax without much confusion. The film will appeal a lot to the Uday Kiran fans and this is a different approach overall. The subject was interesting and if the execution was done in a more crisp and streamlined fashion, the film will no doubt get a success.

Source: Bharatstudent

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Anonymous said...

defanately this movie will be surprise hit. very interesting movie

kiran said...

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-kiran aufthe above article dosent make sence in any which ways and its sheer nonsence

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