Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Nizhalgal Ravi
Riyaz Khan
Rajan P Dev
Duvvasi Mohan
Gundu Sudarshan
Mumaith Khan
Apoorva and others

Lyrics – Kandikonda
Camera – Suresh
Music – D Imaan
Story – Bharati
Action – Dinesh
Presents – P Sandhya Rani
Producer – Polisetty Rambabu
Screenplay and direction – Raaj Kapoor.
Banner: RS Films

Released on: February 29, 2008

Udaykiran appears to be making a frantic effort for a comeback into Telugu films. However, he is still in a confused situation and has failed to select a good story. Moreover, he has failed to grab the attention of seasoned directors and hence he is taking a chance by working under novice directors. Polisetty Rambabu, who had produced a comedy film like Gopi (Goda Meeda Pilli), has come forward to produce the film.

Prabhakar @ Prabhu (Udaykiran) is a nonchalant college student. He is straightforward and did not allow anyone to do wrong and he will not spare anyone, who resorts to injustice. He always quarrels with someone and lands in police station. His foster father (Nizhalgal Ravi), who is a psychiatrist, used to bring him from there. Swetha (Diya) is the sister of commissioner of police Ravichandra and is very mischievous girl. Following a complaint that she is bunking classes, the officer sends her to college with police escort. When Swetha tries to escape from them, the police personnel run after her. Unknowingly, Prabhu thrashes the police and upon being challenged, Prabhu says 'I love you' to Swetha. She too gets impressed with his behaviour and loses her heart. At this juncture, Prabhu comes to know that he is being brought up by the doctor couple and his actual father Lakshmi Narayana (Satyaraj) iss taking treatment in mental hospital. Prabhu tries his best to know about the past of his father but can not get any clue. On the advice of Ravichandra, Prabhu takes his father to Kerala for treatment. There incidentally, Prabhu meets the former bodyguard of Lakshmi Narayana and learns that his father is the Election Commissioner and he reached that stage due to a politician Ramadasu (Vijayan). As a co-incidence, Ramadasu's son (Riyaz Khan) too brings Ramadasu to the same asylum in Kerala for treatment. Ramadasu's henchman finds Lakshmi Narayana and tells Ramadasu's son that their rival is still alive. So, he makes attempts to kill Lakshmi Narayana. However, in the climax, Ramadasu and his son kill each other and the story ends on a peaceful note.
Camera by Suresh is just okay and music by Imam is disastrous. However, the director has failed to reach the expectations of the hero and miserably flunked in narrating the story. One thing any director should remember that penning screenplay for a film is not a child's play and it needs a lot of hard work. The entire first half is totally boring and the running of the film is totally out of grip of the director. However, he has dried his butterfingers after the interval while narrating the flashback. Again he lost grip and the story continued to make the audiences move impatiently in their seats. The film also ends in a pathetic way, with no clear indication whether the hero's father gained his knowledge or not.

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