Kotha Bangaru Lokam Copied Scenes




Kaajal Agarwal
Dr Sivaprasad
Raghunatha Reddy
Chalapati Rao
Narra Venkateswara Rao
Narsing Yadav
Allari Subhashini
Mumait Khan and others.
Camera – Jawahar Reddy
Editing – B Nagireddy
Music – Chakri
Presents – Rekha Combines
Producer – C Kalyan, S Vijayanand
Story, dialogues, screenplay and direction – AS Ravikumar Choudary.

Banner: Teja Cinema

Released on: March 20, 2008
Nithin, who was introduced to the film industry by Teja with Jayam had a couple of hit films to his credit and shot into fame with Sye. However, he had no notable hits to his credit in the recent past. His film Ram Robert Rahim failed to see the light. Again he made a desperate bid, by teaming up with his debut film heroine Sada, in Takkari but that movie failed to reach expectations. In a fresh bid to win the hearts of people, Nithin teamed up with Kaajal Agarwal, who has successive hits to her credit with confidence that her luck would bring him the cheers. AS Ravikumar Choudary, who gave a hit like Yagnam wielded the megaphone for this movie Aatidista.
Jagan @ Chinna (Nithin) is the son of an industrialist called Lion Rajendra (Nagababu). He never allows any injustice to be done in front of his eyes and can not get good education unlike his brother (Raviprakash) or sister. However, his mother (Jayasudha) pampers him. He too has good affection towards his parents. Once, he accidentally meets a girl called Sunanda (Kajal) and loses his heart at first sight. Though Sunanda hates his behaviour in the beginning, she realizes that he is a good boy and falls in his love.
n the other side, Bonala Shankar (Dr Sivaprasad) is an MLA and he has several factories that manufacture cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. He rises to the level of MLA with his goondaism. As there is a protest against his tobacco factories, he takes the help of another industrialist Raghunath (Raghuvaran), a rival of Lion Rajendra. As Rajendra and Raghunath are at loggerheads, none of them are able to prosper in their fields. So, Chinna suggests his father to join hands with Raghunath. Rajendra's friend (Chalapati Rao) mediates as he is the common friend for Rajendra and Raghunath. Instead of making them partners, he advises him to turn relatives by marrying his daughter to Chinna. At this juncture, Chinna tries to save Sunanda's friend Jyothi from suicide bid and learns that she is pregnant because of Bonala Shankar's son. In the process, Chinna can not meet Sunanda and the latter feels bad and returns to her house from hostel. Chinna realizes that Sunanda is none other than Raghuanth's daughter and feels happy. Learning that Bonala Shankar's has become a thorn to the business of his father, Chinna plays a mind game and puts Bonala Shankar in trouble to solve the problems of both his father and Jyothi. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Sunanda and Chinna.

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