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Directed by : Kuchipudi Venkat
Produced by: Kuchipudi Venkat
Written by: Kuchipudi Venkat
Krishna Bhagavan
Music by: Kiran Varanasi
Cinematography: V. Gopinath
Distributed by: Black and Eight Production
Release date(s) : March 20, 2008
Language: Telugu
Budget: 12.5 Crores INR
John Appa Rao wanted to reveal something, but at last the whole story and screen play is wastage of time and money for the audience.

Appa Rao (Krishna Bhagvan) is a fashion designer and resides in Visakhapatnam and is well co-operated by his friends Rajesh, Melkote, Jeeva and others. His marriage is delayed due to family burdens and is now 40+ in age. To keep up with the physique and the vigor of young people, Krishna Bhagvan workouts well in a Gym and maintain his aged body physically, though it is not properly plotted. His profession of fashion designing also earns him well and is now a settled person in life.
Meanwhile, he tries to find out many matches for a suitable bride for him, but all of them turn into flops. At this point of time, a beautiful girl enters his life and that is Simran whose character’s name is Pravalika. Incidentally, they both meet and Simran asks him to design a dress, which he does and Simran gets so impressed by the dress design and creativity that she asks him to accompany her to UK and also suggest him to establish a designer wear showroom over there.
On the other hand, Appa Rao (Bhagvan) is bowled by the beauty of Pravalika and falls in love. So he decides to oblige Pravalika and aggress to accompany her to UK. At this time the twist is added in the story before the interval. It is learned by the audience that Pravalika (Simran) who is in favor Appa Rao, is actually acting on the pre -planned plot of international criminal named John Masthan BhaiThe actual backdrop of Simran is revealed in the second half of the movie, and it is narrated that Simran is professionally a BBC Journalist and she wants an exclusive interview of the international Criminal John Masthan Bhai. But John sets a condition that, with the help of her, he wants to migrate to Dubai from Hyderabad. This is due to the reason that John and his crime partner Razak (Sayaji Shinde) are wanted criminals by the Hyderabad police, as they both plant a bomb in Mehdipatnam Rythu Bazar, in which many people are innocently killed.
Since Appa Rao is a carbon copy of John, Pravalika (Simran) Plans to kill Appa Rao and in disguise of him wants to migrate the criminal John as Appa Rao who is a fashion designer.
The rest of the story is predictable and all is ended happily.

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