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Banner: Vaishno Academy
Photography: Shyam K Naidu
Art: Chanti
Stunts: Ram Lakshman
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Presented by: KLN Raju
Story - screenplay - dialogues - direction - producer: Puri Jagannath
Theatrical release date: 19th April 2003

Ravi Teja,
Jaya Sudha,
Prakash Raj,
Gowtam Raju,
MS Narayana,
Jr. relangi,
Dharmavarapu Subramanyam,
Jogi Naidu,
Kadambari Kiran,
Prudhvi Raj


Chandu is a kickboxing student and aspires to become the champion. He has a caring mother (Jayasudha) and no father. His father leaves them long back to achieve his goal, as he felt that his family is becoming hindrance to his career growth. Chandu loses his mother in due time. His mother asks him to go to Vizag and stay with his father Raghuveer (Prakash Raj) for the rest of his life.

Chandu travels to Vizag and finds that Raghuveer married another lady called Shalini (Aishwarya) and they have a daughter as well. Raghuveer is a kickboxing coach. He invites Chandu with both hands. But his wife and daughter are not comfortable with Chandu. The rest of the story is about how Chandu wins the love of all family members and also the kickboxing finale.


Ravi Teja: Characterization of hero in this film is a logical extension of Puri's earlier film Idiot. Ravi Teja did well. His strength lies in his dialogue delivery and reckless body language.

Jaya Sudha: Jaya Sudha did a very good character of mother of hero. She lived each and every moment of her presence on the screen with perfect lighter vein histrionics.

Prakash Raj: Prakash Raj played a character of a irresponsible husband who leaves his wife for his personal career goal. His characterization in this film is confusing and aimless.

Asin: She does not have any role to play in this film. Most of the film revolves around hero and his relationship with his mother (first half) and father (second half). She looks beautiful and tender and does act well. But she is not used in the right way in this film.

Others: Ali did another comedy cameo where he does 'role-play' with Alphonsa. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam acted as father of heroine. The guy who played the role of villain is impressive.

Technical Departments:

Story - Screenplay - Direction: Puri Jagannath has taken a story that has lots of sentiment. But he did not do justice to the screenplay. There is no continuity in the narration. However, the sentiment scenes in this film are heart touching.

Dialogues: Puri Jagannath is known for his aggressive dialogues. That aggression sounds convincing and romantic if the conversation is made aggressive between hero and heroine. In stead, the hero speaks in the same vein with his father and mother, which looks embarrassing. On the top of it, the heroine would be conversing in Tamil, which Telugu audience have no clue about.

Music: Music and songs of the film is good. The best song of the film is 'Neeve Neeve' picturised on Jaya Sudha and Ravi Teja. The song that got best applause was the mass song 'Chumma Chumma'. However, the timing and picturization of the last song 'Jhum Jhumare' is a let down. In this scene Prakash Raj is coaching Ravi Teja for kickboxing. In this backdrop 'Jhum Jhumare' song comes which has montage shots of Prakash Raj training Ravi Teja and Alphonsa dancing with Ali. If we look at the past songs like Traveling Soldier (Tammudu) and Okate Jananam (Bhadrachalam) are pictured to get the audience prepared for the climax in a serious mode. But in this song the director mixed a serious issue with a funny thing like Alphonsa-Ali comedy track and diluted the very much-needed spirits for the climax.

Others: Photography by Shyam K Naidu is good. Fight sequences by Ram-Lakshman are impressive.

First half of the film is average as it gives the foundation to the characters. In the second half, the characterization of Prakash Raj is so confusing that he is not justified in leaving his wife Jaya Sudha and at the same time getting married to another girl Aiswarya. With that unconvincing point as the backdrop, the narration appears quite unbelievable. If we have the 'Idiot' film as the parameter, this film is a let down. If you see this film without any expectations, it's an average flick. On the second thought, this movie should have been titled as 'amma nanna o koduku' because there is no justice to the role of 'Tamil Ammai' and the love track between the lead pair in this film.

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