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Allari Naresh


Kamalinee Mukherjee

Rao Ramesh Rao


MS Narayana

LB Sriram




Vijaya Chander


Sweta Agarwal and others

Dialogues – Nagaraju Gandham

Lyrics – Sirivennela Sitaramasastry, ES Murthy

Music – ES Murthy, Anil R,

Background Score – ES Murthy,

Camera – Hari Anumolu,

Editing – Shravan Ketikani,

Choreography – Suchitra Chandrabose, Swarna, Prasanna,

Action – Ram-Laxman

Art – Rajiv Nair

Co-producers – Tammudu Satyam,Y Rajeev Reddy

Presents – Bibo Srinivas

Producer – Saibabu Jagarlamudi

Story, screenplay and direction – Radha Krishna (Krish)

Tag Line:A journey in search of love and life
Director Radha Krishna has made a nice experiment on the screen to explain the value of life, the depth of love, the difference between attraction and real love. He chose love as the backdrop of the story. The film is almost similar to Mee Sreyobhilashi but in a different way. In that film, the hero takes some people, who want to die and make them learn the value of life. However, in this film, the hero goes in search of his lover and in the process learns the value of life and love, besides learning the lifestyle of common people. Krish, who made his debut as director, did a commendable job, by scripting excellent screenplay as the entire movement of the film is based on it. In a nutshell, the film is based on a theme – Premanu Preminche Prema, Premakai Preminchina Premanu Premistundi. (A love which loves the love of others, really loves the one who really loves all others than the one single individual).

Abhiram @ Abhi (Sharwanand) is the son of a multi-millionaire called GK (Vidyasagar). He is born and brought up among currency and for him life is just a game and he has been accustomed to lavish lifestyle. He dates with several girls and once he comes across Janaki (Kamalini), who has just completed her medicine course. Abhi challenges his friends that he would make her fall in love within few days. Abhi invites Janaki for coffee after a dance programme and proposes her. Janaki, being an orphan, is very kind towards the poor people and is service-minded. She mingles with poor people and provides succour to them. But, being a rich boy, Abhi hates those people. However, Janaki's free-spirited nature takes him very near to her and he develops an intimate friendship. At the same time, Janaki keeps maintaining some distance and does not express her love. By the time, she wants to express her love, she learns that Abhi has challenged his friends about his love and decides to keep herself off.
While dropping her at her hostel, Abhi tries to convince her that he is really in love with her but she does not listen to him. In the process, Abhi makes an accident, where a woman dies and two of her children become orphans. Janaki survives the accident, while Abhi wakes up from injuries in hospital. After gaining conscious, Abhi could not find Janaki and he decides to go in search of her. In the process, he happens to meet a motorbike lifter called Gaali Seenu (Allari Naresh). Though Seenu is a vehicle-lifter, he is good at heart. The journey he takes, changes his life drastically as he is exposed to the hard realities of rural life and yet it's simple joys. The landscapes and the people he meets takes him through an emotional journey that alters his perceptions forever. Be it is a teacher, who supports orphan kids, a disillusioned ex-militant, a prostitute who craves for love, or his own companion Gali Sreenu, they all aid in his journey of self-discovery. During their journey, Abhi meets several people from different walks of life, including Naxalites and unfortunately Seenu dies of bullet injuries when an encounter takes place between the Naxals and police. He dies in the hands of Abhi. This really hurts Abhi, though he is no way related to him but has a few days of friendship. Finally, when Abhi meets Janaki, he admits that he was able to learn what life is. The film ends with the union of Abhi and Janaki.

It is Allari Naresh, who walked away with honours. Allari Naresh, as a solo hero, used to excel in comedy roles. However, in a bid to escape from the comedy hero image, started co-starring with other heroes like Rajiv Kanakala, Sivaji, Sharwanand and others. Though the films appear to be a multi-starrers (more than one hero), Naresh's role in all those films are distinct and he earned an image of his own in those films. Naresh's comedy gave very good relief to the audiences. Otherwise, the audiences might have felt bored watching a long journey of the hero on a mobike. Sharwanand improved a lot in performance. However, he still needs to learn more about his body language. Though Kamalini is the heroine, her role is very limited and she appears in few scenes. But she too did a wonderful job in those few scenes. She is very traditional in looks and her smile is distinct and she is a perfect fit to the role.

The one-liners scripted for Seenu's character, the camera work by Hari Anumolu, the editing by Shravan are okay. The first song choreographed on Kamalini Mukherjee, with an inspiration from a Chinese dance form is worth watching. Music by ES Murthy and Anil are just average. The director has also followed the pattern of showing the flashback episodes in pieces and this time, that has worked well unlike many others.

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