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Yuvakulu (2005)

Release Date: 10th December, 2005
Banner: Sudharshan Productions
Direction: Sai Venkat
Music: JA Sundar
Story: Tirunagari Saritha
Screenplay :Sai Venkat
Cinematography: Paidala Srinivas
Producer: Sai Venkat

Kiran Tej,
Sangeetha Tiwari,
Swathi Priya,
Raasi Priya,
Siva Reddy,
Malladi Raghava,
Rajitha and Others

Story: Siva Reddy is rough and tough and calls himself 'Mass'. Kiran is the son of a bus conductor (Raghava). Satish is a Central Minister's son. Gilly is Ali, the only married boy in this gang of friends, studying in the same college. These boys together constitute the lead characters.

But they make Ali a bluff master as to his married status, by pretending a bachelor and Sivareddy behaving like the film character 'Mass'. All these elements render the film cheap and irrelevant. Kiran-Lakshmi, Satish-Asha and Mass-Mallika are the pairs on the show. The role of Raghava's friend Subba Rao is played by Gundu Hanumantha Rao. The latter comes with Harika his daughter who has to take some exams and hires the first floor of Raghava for his stay. Kiran gets attracted to her. The character of Lakshmi (Kiran's ex-girlfriend) disappears at this point leaving the audiences puzzled

Now this track suddenly changes into a crime drama. The official machinery discovers some arms hidden in the house of the Central Minister (Vinod). Satish and his friends Kiran and Mass are arrested on the allegation that they are abetting the cause of terrorists, claiming that Satish has connections with International Mafia. Suman, playing a CBI officer Bharat, enters at this stage to investigate into this, as a Central Minister's son is named in this case. Bharat proves himself a fool for he beats the boys even before investigating into the case. Then Asha (Bharat's sister) hides the three friends in her house, which means the very house of the police officer Bharat, after they escape, as they were being shifted from cell to the jail, by Bharat. Meanwhile Bharat finds the phone numbers of some terrorists in cell phones used by the three youth. On knowing this the friends recall the way their friend Panda was taking the phones and using them now and then. Some more investigation leads to the fact that his mother is hospitalized and he was raising money from terrorists to get her treated. The Mafia then kidnaps Asha. What unveils from here forms the climax of the film.

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